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Accomplish more with Office 365 apps and intelligent cloud services that improve productivity and efficiency.

Email from Microsoft 365

Get a professional email address that includes your domain name for your business from a trusted leader in email services.

Office 365 Apps

From Word, to Excel, PowerPoint, and more, get all of the Office 365 apps you have come to know and depend on.

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, collaborate and communicate with team members in your workplace through chat or video conference.

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Microsoft 365 Email


per month*

Professional email
10GB of email storage

microsoft outlook email

Microsoft 365 Email


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Professional email
50GB of email storage

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Microsoft 365 Online


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Office 365 web apps
+ Professional email

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium


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Office 365 on 5 devices, web apps
+ Professional email

Which GoDaddy email plan is right for you?

It's professional email, plus all of the Office 365 tools you need and love.

Whether you need professional email for your business, or a full suite of Office products, Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy has you covered.

From Excel, to Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and more – get it all with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

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All businesses can benefit from Microsoft 365 email and Office.

Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy tools are designed in a way that are meant to improve efficiency and productivity. In a workplace environment, the use of Microsoft Teams and email makes collaboration a breeze.

Starting a new business or making a switch for your existing business?

Then you’ve come to the right place. This is your one-stop shop to getting set up quickly and easily. Email and Office tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint come bundled with Online Essentials and Business Premium plans. Get more done in less time with the tools that allow you to do so.

Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy Features

Microsoft Outlook

Manage your Outlook email from anywhere, whether on your device or on the web.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Your email and Office 365 tools will constantly be up and running as they should be.

Office 365 Web Apps

Online web-app versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint available with Online Essentials or Business Premium plans.

Chat & Video Conferencing

Enjoy unlimited HD video conferencing, chat, and online meetings with Microsoft Teams.

Install Office on 5 Devices

Download and install Office on up to 5 devices with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Plenty of Cloud Storage

Access to 1 TB of online storage and 50 GB of storage for your email, contacts, and calendar.

World-class Security

With security and spam filtering, you can keep your inbox free of junk and your account secure.

Automatic Microsoft Updates

With automatic updates, always be using the latest Office 365 products. Pay nothing extra.

Dedicated Support

Support is available 24/7 to provide guidance and resolution on any questions or issues.

Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy FAQs

Formerly Office 365, Microsoft 365 is a subscription service offered through Microsoft that allows you to use Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others from anywhere online. The benefit is that apps are always up to date, so you never need to worry about getting the latest version of Microsoft Office programs like in the past.

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium​, you not only have access to the web app versions of Office programs, but you can also install the apps directly on your devices too, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone.

For even more on this topic, view: What is Microsoft 365?

Pricing for Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy depends on the plan you sign up for and ranges from $5.99 per month to $15.99 per month. Here are the prices for each available plan:

  • Email Essentials: $5.99/month
  • Email Plus: $6.99/month
  • Online Essentials: $10.99/month
  • Business Premium: $15.99/month

Essentially, Microsoft 365 offers everything that Office 365 offers (such as apps), and then some. Microsoft changed the name to more closely reflect the offerings of the product which include innovative Office apps as well as intelligent cloud services.

But if you are already familiar with Office 365, you will also be familiar with Microsoft 365.

A professional business email address allows you to have an email address with your own domain name in it. This helps create a sense of professionalism with whomever you are sending email to, thereby increasing your credibility as a true professional. With an email address such as [email protected], you’re letting the world know that you’re a pro and serious about your business.

See also: The Benefits of Using a Professional Email Address

This scenario is common in workplaces, where there are multiple employees who require their own email address and the ability to install Office 365 on their own devices. In this case, a separate Microsoft 365 Business Premium license would need to be purchased per user or employee.

However, multiple owner accounts do not need to be set up for this. Rather, a single admin (usually the owner account), can purchase all of the needed email addresses under their own account. This way, all email addresses and Microsoft 365 subscriptions are housed under a single account. So if email users need to be added or removed in the future, this can all be completed under the main owner/admin account.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration app that comes included with Microsoft 365 and is primarily used for chatting, online meetings, calling, and video conferencing with colleagues and co-workers. To learn more about it, view What is Microsoft Teams and what is it used for?

After signing up, you can sign in to your account by visiting the Office 365 Login page and selecting Sign In.

One of the main benefits is that with Office 365, you are always using the latest version of Microsoft Office programs. The great thing is, you never have to pay anything extra whenever there is an update released. In addition to being able to use Office programs online, you can also install the latest versions of the apps on your computer as well with our Business Premium plan. This means the productivity programs you rely on such as Word, Publisher, OneNote, PowerPoint, and others, are always up to date, keeping you using the latest version of Office.

Another benefit users enjoy is the ability to more easily collaborate with co-workers and team members with documents online. That is because with OneDrive, you can share documents with others securely and effortlessly. You can even hold meetings with screen sharing in real-time using Microsoft Teams. So whereas Microsoft Office installed on a computer works well for the use of Office programs on a single device, Office 365 offers many more integrated features than simply the programs themselves.

With Microsoft 365 Online Essentials and Business Premium plans, users enjoy access to the following Office apps:

  • Word: For creating documents with built in writing-improvement features.
  • PowerPoint: Used to create presentations that are impressive and stand out.
  • Excel: For creating easy to use spreadsheets, no matter how complex the data.
  • Outlook: An integrated solution to manage your email, contacts, calendar, and tasks from a single location.
  • Publisher: Used to create professional designs such as marketing materials, newsletters, or flyers.
  • Microsoft Teams: An intuitive chat-based app designed to make work collaboration even simpler through chat and video among co-workers and colleagues.
  • OneDrive: A cloud storage solution to save, edit, or share files of any type.
  • SharePoint: Used to share and manage content and information across organizations.

With Business Premium, users not only have access to the web-app versions of these Office apps, but can also install Office on up to 5 devices of their choosing.

If you would like to move your email to Microsoft 365, you can have it migrated over from your current email service. We can help you with this from start to finish. For more information on migrating your email to Microsoft 365, view How to move/migrate your email to Microsoft 365.

Outlook on the web (formerly called Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Outlook Web App) gives you the ability to access your Outlook email from a web browser. Here are the steps to sign in to Outlook on the web.

Office Online is the web version of programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You are able to use these programs from any device within a web browser when connected to the internet. What’s more is that you can even access Office Online from your cloud storage. In doing so, you can create files, share with colleagues or co-workers, and collaborate all in real-time.

With Microsoft 365 Online Essentials and Business Premium plans, documents that you create can be stored in your OneDrive cloud storage and SharePoint. This allows the people who you need to see the document easily view and edit it, if necessary. With a link to the document that can be shared with others, edits can be made to the document by co-workers or colleagues all at the same time as you are. You can even see live edits being made as they are being made.

So if you need to work on a document with one or more people all at the same time, you can do that with online document collaboration. Days of emailing documents back and forth with edits are a thing of the past!

Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint are cloud storage and collaboration services offered by Microsoft 365. Often they are used in tandem within the workplace and both apps can be accessed from the same place, either online or from a device.

For instructions on accessing these Office apps, view How do I access my OneDrive or SharePoint?

Yes, Office apps through Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy are compatible with both Mac and Windows PC computers.

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you are able to download and install Office on up to 5 devices of your choice. This can be completed in just a few steps after signing up. Here are the instructions for how to download and install or reinstall Office 365 on a PC or Mac.

In addition to compatibility with Windows PC and Mac computers (macOS), Microsoft 365 is also compatible with Android devices and iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone. Apps may be downloaded from their respective app stores.

Absolutely. If at any point you decide you need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, you can simply do so right from your customer dashboard, or by giving us a call. Upgrading or downgrading can be done in just a few clicks and usually within just a few minutes.

Yes, you can. You can easily cancel from within your customer dashboard, or by giving us a call if you ever decide to. There are no cancellation fees either.

Getting started is easy. Simply select one of our available subscription plans based on your current needs and complete the sign up process. Plans can always be changed later if needed. Additionally, help is available from our support team at any point during the sign up process.

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