GoDaddy Microsoft 365 Email Migration

Migrate your business email address to Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy with ease.

Move you domain-based email address and all of it’s information such as history and contacts to Microsoft 365, a dependable and affordable option that helps drives your business forward.

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Make the switch to Microsoft 365 email — stress free

Transitioning to Microsoft 365 from your current email provider can seem confusing at first, but we’re here to take that confusion away and make the process smooth and simple.

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Just a few steps, and you're in business

Keep the exact same email address you already use for your business, and we will help you move it over to Microsoft 365. History, contacts, calendars, you name it. All you have to do is let us know which emails are moving over, when you want it to go into effect, and we'll take it from there.

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Watch your migration in real-time

No need to wonder how things are going. Once your migration starts, you are able to track the progress in real-time right from your dashboard to check on the progress of your emails moving over. This way, you know the exact status at any given point in time throughout the entire process.

Ready to switch to Microsoft 365? Here are your options:

Enlist the help of a GoDaddy guide. A GoDaddy guide is perfect if you are needing help switching your professional email to Microsoft 365. A guide is especially useful if you have versions of Outlook from 2007 and earlier, or if you have more than 10 email accounts you are moving.

If you have Outlook from 2010 or later on Windows, or if you’re a Mac user who uses their email through their browser, you can switch your professional email over to Microsoft 365 on your own with GoDaddy’s intuitive tools.

Whether you already own a business email or are looking to get one, Microsoft 365 is a professional email service GoDaddy provides that ensures you get an affordable, up-to-date professional email service. Make the switch today!

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Microsost 365 email migration frequently asked questions

Email migration is the process of moving your contacts, emails, attachments, folders, and calendars from your old mailbox to a new one while maintaining your existing email address with your domain name.

An online option exists to migrate your email. You can now schedule, checkout and complete your migration whenever you’re available to online.

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GoDaddy’s email migration tool is completely free. GoDaddy is currently waving the entire $0.00 fee for the launch of their new email migration web experience. The product will appear in your cart, but will cost zero dollars, so you pay nothing!

GoDaddy’s email migration works for email accounts that include your domain name, but free email accounts cannot be migrated (such as email addresses).

It normally takes about 5 days for an email migration to complete. If you happen to need your new account sooner, it’s best to call customer support to help speed things along.

When migrating to Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy, you have the help of on-demand migration specialists that know how to make a seamless transition from your old email and all it’s information to a new Microsoft 365 one. Plus, it’s easy to migrate, giving you peace of mind knowing that your email data is safe and sound during the transition.

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