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Microsoft 365 is becoming popular among businesses of all shapes and sizes due to its easy-to-use applications and flexible, competitive price point. Migrating your data to Microsoft 365 allows businesses to easily collaborate within Office apps, gain access to intelligent cloud services, and use Microsoft’s best-in-class security features through the Microsoft Migration Tool (aka Migration Manager).

An Office 365 migration is great for small businesses for many reasons; the main reason being productivity. Office 365 enables business owners to keep their business agile while enhancing  communication, boosting productivity, reducing downtime, streamlining IT operations, and enabling them to gain certainty over costs upfront.

Here are 5 reasons why small businesses should consider migrating their professional email to Microsoft 365:

1 – Know what you’re paying upfront

Microsoft 365 subscription plans are available at fixed rates making it easy to budget for your business without any hidden pricing, and allowing you to be certain about software expenses. Microsoft 365 seamlessly manages migrations on its own so any upgrades or new functionalities will be taken care of by the Microsoft team and you can continue work stress free.

Whether it be a staged, hybrid, or cutover migration, all you need to do is choose a migration solution that fits your business needs best.    

2 – Keep your business ops agile

In a world of transformational technology, the workforce spans across many locations and with business partnerships even going global. In order for businesses to keep up, they’re going to need to expand their IT infrastructure to support these changes. Microsoft 365 is the perfect tool that can handle any IT challenge.

Scaling your business up or down is made easier with your switch to the cloud, and Microsoft 365 allows for easy adjustment of license numbers you need for productivity, communication, and collaboration without IT blocking your business activity.

3 – Enhance your organizational communication

Many businesses are broken into different departments and sometimes communication silos can occur that limit collaboration and communication, disrupting organization and limiting productivity.

Microsoft 365 frees businesses up to have better collaboration, communication, and connectivity. The suite includes an array of tools such as: Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Office Groups, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and more. These applications allow you to improve communication flows and enhance collaboration where employees can seamlessly share ideas and files between teams, departments, tools and devices.

Businesses can also easily migrate their professional email and all its data to Microsoft 365.  

4 – Boost your employee’s productivity

Microsoft 365 facilitates productivity by enabling businesses to gain access to Office applications and tools across all your mobile devices and from anywhere. Wherever you perform your work tasks whether that be at home, in the office, or on the road, Microsoft 365 doesn’t limit you to a building and allows you to work faster wherever you are.  

5 – Streamline your IT operations

Maintaining a secure IT infrastructure is difficult when technology is constantly changing especially when technical requirements, cross-product dependencies, and more are involved.

That’s why it’s important to get a migration service that can seamlessly streamline IT operations like Microsoft 365. Easily migrate emails, user accounts, sensitive information, etc., with a service that’s guaranteed to do it right.

Microsoft 365 also helps increase your security posture by putting a focus on giving lease permissions to end-users, automating policy enforcement, and decreasing the likelihood of data exposure.

Don’t wait to begin your migration

If you’re a small business and ready to take your business to the next level it’s time to start thinking about migrating your data to Microsoft 365. As a service, this data migration helps increase productivity, communication, and collaboration that frees your business up to focus on growth and security. Whether you’re looking to your professional email, or gain access to Microsoft 365 suite of applications, Microsoft offers the best-in-class service that strengthens your business.

Begin your migration journey to Microsoft 365 today.

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