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GoDaddy Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Get fully managed dedicated server hosting that provides the support and expertise you need.

Plans starting at $359.99/month*

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Premier GoDaddy Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions

Optimal Performance, Control, and Flexibility

All plans come equipped with powerful single tenant, bare metal servers meant to handle the most resource intensive needs. Choose between SSD NVMe and HDD storage options, in addition to top-tier HW/SW: Intel Xeon or AMD EYPC CPUs running CentOS.

Access to Dedicated Support 24/7

Get the expert support you need when you need it, any time of day or night. Whether you need assistance resolving technical issues or performance handling, dedicated support is just a phone call away and is available 24/7 to offer the help you need.

Simple Admin, Plus Multiple Accounts

Each fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server comes with the option to use cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition for easy administration. In addition, you have the ability to create multiple accounts with your dedicated server.

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GoDaddy Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans and Pricing


High Capacity

DS-32 w/Managed Support


per month*

DS-64 w/Managed Support


per month*

DS-128 w/Managed Support


per month*

DS-256 w/Managed Support


per month*


Up to 25x Faster

DS-32 w/Managed Support


per month*

DS-64 w/Managed Support


per month*

DS-128 w/Managed Support


per month*

DS-256 w/Managed Support


per month*

We also offer Self Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans if you prefer to manage your server yourself.

managed dedicated server hosting

Fully Managed GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting Built with You in Mind.

For business owners, developers, and customers who need the most from their hosting, but would prefer not to manage their dedicated server on their own, fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution. Whether it is due to not having the time, or advanced technical skills in server management, managed GoDaddy dedicated hosting takes the tasks completely off of your plate so that you can focus more of your time on what matters most to you.

With GoDaddy fully managed dedicated server hosting, you can rest assured that your dedicated server is being monitored and maintained for you at all times. From uptime and security monitoring, to resource management, there is no shortage of benefits and advantages customers receive with a managed plan above all others.

In addition, customers of GoDaddy managed dedicated server hosting enjoy unlimited access to a support team that is always available to help with server performance and technical questions to ensure that they are always taken care of. It’s like having your own server admin or IT team that you can call upon at any time. Now, how great does that sound?

What services does fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting include?

GoDaddy managed dedicated server hosting includes a number of convenient services for customers who select these plans. Among these services include:

  • Server setup
  • Site migrations
  • PHP configurations
  • Server hardening
  • Firewall rule configurations
  • SSL installations
  • Apache optimization
  • HTTP/2 server configuration
  • MySQL optimization
  • Changes in .htaccess
  • Security auditing
  • Among many other convenient services designed to simplify the management of your dedicated server!

With managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting, there is no need to fumble around with all of the technical details associated with running a dedicated server, freeing up more of your time and giving you peace of mind.

fully managed dedicated server hosting

Included with GoDaddy Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Dedicated Server Support

Expert GoDaddy dedicated server hosting support is always available 24/7 to answer questions, offer guidance, and help you with any needs related to your dedicated server. Whether simple or complex in nature, you're covered.

Server Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that your server is always being monitored for performance, resource usage, and overall health. If any issues are discovered, you are notified as we work to remediate them as quickly as possible.

Free SSL and Security

Each plan includes DDoS protection along with 24/7 network monitoring. In addition, get a dedicated IP along with a free SSL that comes included to ensure that your site is always safeguarded and well protected***.

High Speed SSD or HDD

With ultra-high speed SSD that is up to 25x faster, experience nearly instant load times for your applications or sites. And for high capacity needs, HDD options provide among the most abundant storage capabilities.

Managed Updates

With managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting, updates to your control panel and OS, as well as patching are completely taken care of for you. There isn't any need to manually handle these tasks. Manual updates are a thing of the past.

RAID 1 Storage

With a RAID 1 duplicated (mirrored) disk drive, you will experience improved performance and reliability for visitors to your site because of the faster reads and data redundancy it produces. This helps greatly in case of disk failure.

Near Perfect Uptime

With a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, you can be sure that your GoDaddy dedicated server will always be up and running at peak performance as it should be. Look, we get it - uptime is crucial. So, it only makes sense that it should be as perfect as can be.

Root Access

All managed GoDaddy dedicated servers allow for full root access, granting total control of your server environment. There really is no limit to the customization and configuration options you can set for your server. And of course, we can help!

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Though the management of your dedicated server is handled on your behalf, you can also access the management settings of your server if you need to using cPanel/WHM or Plesk Webhost Edition available on Linux CentOS.

GoDaddy Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs

Managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting is a web hosting plan where the management of your dedicated server is taken care of for you. Unlike self managed dedicated server hosting, there is no need to take care of the configurations and server admin tasks associated with using a dedicated server. It’s an ideal solution for customers who want the most out of their hosting plan, but don’t have the time or advanced skills needed to manage a dedicated server.

And though you don’t manage your server on your own, you still get all of the benefits that a dedicated server offers such as complete control and the ability for custom configurations. From developers to system administrators, all can benefit from having time consuming server management tasks taken completely off of their plate, granting more time to focus on the work that matters most.

Aside from the fact that fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting eliminates the need to handle time consuming and advanced technical tasks, customers also choose managed dedicated server hosting for the following reasons:

  • Highest levels of power and control
  • Dedicated support
  • Highly secure
  • Customization flexibility
  • Improved performance
  • Ease of management
  • Peace of mind

Managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting is ideal for applications that require high quantities of raw processing power or have workloads that are output intensive. Uses that commonly fit these criteria include:

  • Machine learning
  • Big data
  • Online gaming hosting
  • Server clusters
  • Infrastructure virtualization
  • Websites and/or application hosting
  • Podcasting and live media streaming
  • Storage and backups
  • Communication applications
  • Business apps such as CRM or data analytics software

Pricing for a fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server depends on the subscription plan you sign up for and ranges from $359.99 per month to $709.99 per month. Here are the prices for each available fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server option:

HDD – High Capacity:

  • DS-32: $359.99/month
  • DS-64: $409.99/month
  • DS-128: $549.99/month
  • DS-256: $689.99/month

SSD NVMe – Up to 25x Faster:

  • DS-32: $369.99/month
  • DS-64: $419.99/month
  • DS-128: $569.99/month
  • DS-256: $709.99/month

In addition, we also offer self-managed dedicated hosting plans which have their own separate pricing.

The main difference between self managed and fully managed hosting is that with self managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting, you manage your own server. You are able to do so using control panel options including cPanel/WHM or Plesk Obsidian Webhost Edition. With fully managed dedicated server hosting, many of the tasks that are associated with server management are handled for you.

With that being said, you don’t have to worry about managing it on your own because it is already being managed by a team of experts for you. It’s a great option for customers who either don’t have the time to manage their own server, or the admin skills to do so.

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Yes, you can. In fact, many players of the online video game do prefer to set up a dedicated server for Valheim. Since Valheim runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux, setting up a Valheim dedicated server often helps create a more streamlined and positive multiplayer experience.

It really depends. If you plan to play Valheim in multiplayer mode and would like for friends to be able to play the game even when you’re not, then yes, it is worth it. Also, if want to play the game on one computer, but want to run the server on another machine to reduce the processing power your computer must output, this also makes it worth it. Doing so can even improve the performance of the game itself.

However, if you plan to play Valheim primarily in solo mode and prefer to host the online game on your local computer, then setting up Valheim on a dedicated server may not be totally necessary.

The first step to running a Valheim dedicated server is getting it set up and configured. This involves port forwarding and server IP location identification to set up the initial configuration to get you going. If you need some help with this, consider signing up with a fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting plan where all of the aspects of server configuration, management, and maintenance are completely handled for you. Plus, get access to 24/7 support any time you need it. This way, you can spend less time running your Valheim dedicated server, and more time gaming. Because let’s face it – that’s what really matters.

Fully managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting comes with a number of convenient services for customers under these plans. These professional services include:

Server application and set up services

  • Email client setup
  • DNS set up and configuration
  • PHP module installation
  • HTTP/2 Server configuration
  • Site migrations
  • SSL installations
  • WordPress setup
  • PHP version upgrades

Security and Backup Services

  • Content recovery
  • Firewall rule configurations
  • Security audits
  • Malware and blacklist removal
  • Server hardening
  • Email spam review
  • Setup of local backup
  • Advanced performance analysis
  • Restoration of hosting
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Database backup script

Site Optimization Services

  • MySQL optimization
  • Changes to PHP configuration
  • Apache optimization
  • web.config config
  • Application support
  • .htaccess changes
  • Database management
  • Disk space auditing

A bare metal server is a single-tenant physical server that provides dedicated resources to a single individual, entity, or organization. Unlike servers that use virtualization and host multiple tenants, there is no sharing of resources with others or hosting of multiple tenants with bare metal servers. Rather, 100% of the resources are allocated to the one user. This allows for more control and configuration flexibility from your plan. Not to mention, improved performance and storage capacities.

Getting started is simple and takes only a few minutes. Begin by selecting a managed GoDaddy dedicated server hosting plan. Then, simply following the guided prompts to checkout. After completing your sign up, you will receive an email confirmation along with a phone number where you can consult with an expert to help get a better understanding of your needs and configure your server accordingly.

And that’s it. Afterward, you’ll be set up and ready to go.

Absolutely. If you need to upgrade or downgrade your plan, or change plans altogether, you can do so at any time. We understand that having flexibility in your options is important, so we make it easy to make changes.

Most changes to your plan can be made right from within your customer dashboard, but you can also give us a call if you prefer to speak to a support specialist to help you make your adjustments.

Yes, it sure is! Support is always available when you need it, day or night. We know that sometimes things can’t wait until the next day, or even the next hour, so expert support is made available 24/7 to help answer your questions any time that is most convenient for you.

Managed GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting Help When You Need It

Expert support is available 24/7 to answer your questions at any time.

We are standing by and ready to help.

Call anytime. (480) 624-2500
customer support

Start with fully managed GoDaddy dedicated hosting for $359.99/mo*

*Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

**Disk space includes operating system files, which can be close to 24 GB on a Windows server. Please take that into consideration when choosing a server size that best fits your needs.

***SSL certificate is included for free as part of your dedicated server product. If you cancel the dedicated server product, you will lose the associated SSL certificate as well.

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