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From beginner to expert, there is a GoDaddy WordPress Hosting plan for every need.

Convenient features included with your WordPress site.

Simple Setup

With 1-click setup, your WordPress site is ready for action in just a few clicks using GoDaddy WordPress hosting.

SEO Bundled

Most plans come bundled with SEO, taking the guess work out of search optimization best practices.

Backup protection & SSL

SSL certificates included with each plan, plus convenient daily backups make it easy to restore your site if needed.

Why build your website with GoDaddy Managed WordPress?

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

Starting at


per month*

Several popular options to get online quickly and easily.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

Starting at


per month*

Managed WordPress plans designed for growth and multiple sites.

Why create a website with WordPress using GoDaddy?

Automatic Updates

With all GoDaddy WordPress hosting plans, get automatic WordPress software and security updates putting your mind at ease so you can focus on your site.

Plugins and Themes

Receive instant access to thousands of themes and plugins to make your website look just the way you want it.

SEO Friendly

As one of the most popular and flexible site building platforms, WordPress is SEO friendly right out of the box. GoDaddy WordPress hosting makes it even easier to manage.

Highly Reliable

WordPress and GoDaddy are trusted by millions of websites and developers throughout the world given their highly reliable performance.

24/7 Support

Get the support you need when you need it. When you have questions about your site, answers are always just a phone call away.

Ease of Setup

With automatic setup, you will be up and running in no time at all so you can spend more of your time beautifying your site.

GoDaddy WordPress FAQs

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) used primarily for creating websites and blogs.

Originally, WordPress started out as a blogging tool. But over the years, it has grown to become one of the most popular and used content management systems in the world. In fact, right around 30% of all websites are built on WordPress as of today. One of the main reasons it’s so popular is that it’s a highly reliable free tool to use. However, you still need hosting in order to install it. That’s where GoDaddy WordPress Hosting comes into play.

It’s also popular given its ability to customize websites with relative ease. With hundreds of themes and plugins available out of the box, it’s simple to add all sorts of functionality to a website without a ton of technical knowledge. Lastly, it’s very user-friendly, meaning many users find it fairly easy to use in order to manage their website. Another key benefit is that the platform is SEO ready right out of the box. A feature many users enjoy, when compared other website building options.

WordPress is ideal for both beginners and experts. At some point, everyone was a beginner, so it really all depends on your comfort level with taking a little bit of time to learn something new. It won’t take long to learn the basics, which is really all you need to start and launch your website. GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is designed to simplify the creation and management of your website, so this is generally a good option to consider for beginners. But if you prefer a much simpler solution, consider a GoDaddy Website Builder plan, which offers an easy to use drag and drop interface to create your new website. Users enjoy this easy-to-use solution to get a website up quickly and affordably.

Standard GoDaddy WordPress Hosting plans are geared towards single site uses. These plans are great if you only need to build one website. However, if you have a need for hosting multiple sites, then going with a Pro plan may be a better option. Under these plans, you can host between 5-25 websites if need be.

For a detailed overview of WordPress Hosting as a whole and the differences between plan types, view What is WordPress Hosting?

It’s no question that WordPress offers users a number of benefits. Among the most common benefits include:

  • It’s user-friendly, so many people find it easy to manage their website.
  • It’s also highly customizable, meaning you can make your site look and function just the way you want it to.
  • WordPress has a blog built in, so you are able to start adding blog posts easily without needing a separate dedicated blog site.
  • With tons of themes and plugin options available, the customization possibilities really are endless. You can customize your site to your exact liking and uniqueness.
  • While WordPress does have an HTML editor for developers who want to write their own code, it’s not required. You are able to add new pages and content without knowing how to write a single line of code.
  • WordPress sites are responsive, so no matter what device your website is being viewed on, it looks great.
  • Lastly, WordPress also offers a huge support community, so it’s easy to find answers to common WordPress questions.

Compared to other CMS platforms, yes, WordPress is considered fairly easy to learn and use. Like anything new, it does require a bit of a learning curve, but over time, it does become easier to navigate through and become familiar with the fundamentals of WordPress. It’s similar to working with a word processor. Getting a handle on this will set you right on your way with WordPress.

When you sign up with a GoDaddy WordPress Hosting plan, several plugins come preinstalled on your WordPress site that are designed to help simplify the management of your website. This may help reduce the amount of knowledge needed to learn otherwise.

A content management system, or CMS, is a software application that aids in the adding, editing and publishing of content on a website. Content may include anything from web pages, to media files, as well as databases within your website.

Essentially a theme is a pre-designed template that you can choose for your website. Depending on the industry of your business, you might want to choose a theme that is similar to the type of business you have.

You can browse hundreds of templates or search for one more specific to what you are looking for. After you find a theme you like, simply select and activate. And just like that you have a design for your website. Don’t like what you choose after all, or want a different look? No problem. You can change your theme as often as you’d like.

A plugin is basically an add-on to your website which can be installed and activated right from within your WordPress dashboard. Generally, they are used for adding a new element of functionality to your website that wasn’t there before. For example, maybe you want a contact form, or a search bar for your website. To add this feature to your site, you could install a plugin that allows your website to offer this functionality. New plugins are being released all the time, so usually you are able to easily find a plugin that offers the functionality that you are looking for in your website.

Absolutely, always. Help is available 24/7 to answer any questions you come across. Whether you need a little guidance or a lot, GoDaddy support is always readily available to help. Call anytime at (480) 624-2500.

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