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Creating a website is the first step to starting and growing online. From professional business websites, to online stores, we have you covered.

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Explore our website creation options. Whether you prefer a simple solution to get off the ground fast, or desire a more customizable option, we are tailored to fit each unique need when it comes to website building.

Which website building option is right for you?

Create with GoDaddy Website Builder

If you need a simple solution to get a website up quickly and easily, GoDaddy Website Builder is the perfect solution. Choose a professional design template that you like for your business, add some content, and publish. No technical knowledge is necessary. You’ll be surprised just how quickly you can create your new website.

Build a WordPress Website

Require more customization options, or simply prefer your website to be built on WordPress? Then this is the option for you. Hosting and software updates come included, so all you need to concern yourself with is creating a website that you love. Choose from hundreds of WordPress themes and plugins to customize your site to your liking.

Sell your products or services online.

With our eCommerce options, you will be selling your products online in no time.

Create an Online Store

For a quick and easy way to set up a website where you can sell your products from, an online store is a great option. Choose from a variety of professional online store design templates that looks great on any device. Add products, descriptions, and categories to make your store stand out.

Sell with WooCommerce + WordPress

With WordPress, you can create an online store using the WooCommerce plugin that allows for nearly limitless customization. If you require that ability to customize every aspect of your eCommerce website, then this may be the option for you.

Let the world know you're open for business.

Give your business a website that reflects just how professional it is.

From small business owners, to larger companies, all businesses need a website. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. Now you just a need a website that shows off your business to the people who matter most.

Whether you need a basic informative website for your business, or are trying to create an online store to sell from your website, we have the tools you need to help get you there.

So why wait? Get started creating something you can be proud of today.

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Website FAQs

If you run a business, a website is a key component to promoting your business online. Most people will go online first when researching products or services that they are looking for. And if you happen to offer what they are looking for, and they can actually find your business online, then you’re already at a huge advantage.

The opposite is also true. If you don’t have an online presence for your business, this puts you at a disadvantage because you may be missing out on potential customers who would have otherwise done business with you had they been able to find you.

Each plan offers several differently priced tiers. What is included in each plan tier does vary, but you always have the option of upgrading or downgrading at anytime. With that being said, our plans are priced with budgeting in mind. This is why we offer several different options depending on what you are willing and able to invest in a new site, all of which are offered at affordable costs.

This really all depends on your specific website needs. If you are looking for a simple solution to get an informative website created for your business quickly, easily and affordably, then a GoDaddy Website Builder plan is ideal for you. If you are looking for an option with more customization features, then going with a WordPress plan might be a better fit.

Now if you are trying to sell online, then you would want to try our Online Store option or WordPress + WooCommerce plan. Need a solution that’s simple to set up so that you can start selling online quickly? An Online Store plan is the way to go. If you require more custom settings and options, then a WordPress plan can meet those needs.

Each plan is priced at a monthly cost. When you sign up for a plan, you have the option to determine whether you’d like to pay for only one month at time, or for a year up front. If you select one month at time, you will be billed once a month, charging your payment method on file. If you select to pay for a year up front, you will only be billed once a year.

All subscriptions automatically renew by default, but you can turn off auto-renewal or cancel at any time if you prefer. We offer this as a convenience, so you don’t have remember to manually pay each billing cycle, or experience any interruptions in service if ever accidentally forgetting to pay.

Prefer to pay for more than a year up front? You can set billing frequency to as high as 60 months in advance.

Absolutely, yes. We want to ensure that you are set up for success and never left in the dark about any questions you might have. We offer 24/7 support to answer questions or walk you through any and all areas of your website. You can reach support anytime at (480) 624-2500.

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