Website Security Service

Website Security Service

Give yourself peace of mind with daily website monitoring and scanning to identify and neutralize cybersecurity threats to your site.

Website Security Service starting at $6.99/month*

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Website security services designed to neutralize cybersecurity threats at the source.

Purposed for protection and defense.

Unlimited Page Protection

Website Security Services provide protection for your entire website, no matter how many pages.

Advanced Security Monitoring

With daily monitoring, sites are never left vulnerable to cybersecurity threats as they are identified when they emerge.

Unlimited Malware Removal

If malware or other cybersecurity threats are detected, they are removed and eliminated, keeping your site clean and protected.

Select Your Service Plan

Website Security Essential


per month*

Scanning that detects and removes malware from your website.

Website Security Deluxe


per month*

Speed up your site with proactive security that includes on-going protection.

Website Security Express


per year*

Expedite site repairs. Fastest response time with on-going protection and speed boost.

How does a Website Security Service help protect?

Our Website Security Service acts as a shield to block attacks, and as a layer of defense for your website. From malware to other cybersecurity threats, Website security is designed to find and eliminate threats before they ever become a problem.

Detect and Remove Malware

You site is scanned daily for malware on both the front end and server level of your site, ensuring nothing goes noticed.

CDN Performance Boost

With a Content Delivery Network (CDN), your site is stored on multiple servers, speeding your website up by as much as 50% for faster load times.

Google Blacklist Monitoring

Sites that are compromised may get blacklisted by Google to keep people safe from visiting them. With blacklist monitoring, you will be able to keep your site off this list.

Brute Force Protection

Brute force attacks result from bots or hackers attempting password combinations until they are successful and can access your system. Stop these attacks right in their tracks.

Injection Prevention

This can happen when an attacker exploits flaws and adds malicious code or data into a website in effort to gain access to, and steal information in your database.

Zero Day Prevention

New online threats are always emerging. When a defense patch has not yet been released for a new threat, attackers may attempt to take advantage of the vulnerability.

Distributed Denial of Service Prevention (DDoS)

DDoS attacks happen through malicious attempts to overwhelm your website with a flood of internet traffic, disrupting normal traffic and potentially causing inaccessibility.

Web Application Firewall Protection (WAF)

With Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection, you ensure malware and other threats are intercepted and stopped the moment they are discovered near your site.

Cross–Site Scripting Prevention

Also known as XSS, these common attacks send user-supplied data to a web browser without validation, allowing attackers to hijack traffic and gain unauthorized access to data.

Note: Only malware detection + removal and blacklist monitoring are included on Essential plan.

Give yourself peace of mind with complete protection.

The truth is, all websites face cybersecurity threats and attacks from time to time. Sites without security measures in place are more vulnerable to being affected by these attacks.

With a Website Security Service backed by the power of Sucuri, safely securing your website is easier than ever. Experience peace of mind knowing that your site is being monitored and automatically scanned daily for incoming threats to your site.

If and when threats are discovered, they are removed and eliminated, keeping your site safe and clean.

website security

Additional cybersecurity tools to keep your site and its visitors safe and secure

Comprehensive cybersecurity is the best way to ensure your website has well-rounded protection.

SSL Certificates

Establish trust with website visitors while protecting sensitive data through encryption.

Website & Data Backup

Take automatic backups of your website and data in the event you ever need to recover and restore it.

Website Security Service FAQs

With our Website Security Service, your website is scanned and checked at different intervals for malware and other cybersecurity issues negatively affecting your website. These include checkpoints such as uptime, server state, as well as if your website is blacklisted.

If any issues are discovered when your website is scanned, your website will be cleaned and you will be notified with an alert along with a suggested course of action to resolve all other security issues. So not only is your website automatically protected, but you are alerted immediately for any cybersecurity threats that require attention.

The Essential plan is meant to cover the basic needs of Website Security. What this plan offers is daily scanning, plus the cleanup and removal of any malware discovered on your website.

With the Deluxe plan, you get all this, and more. With this plan, your website is placed on a CDN (Content Delivery Network), ensuring faster load times for your site’s visitors. This is because your site will load on a server that is closest to where your visitors are geographically located, rather than a single server. In addition, websites on the Deluxe plan also benefit from Web Application Firewall Protection (WAF), keeping sites safe from dangerous internet traffic.

Website Security Express is a yearly plan designed for websites that require the fastest response time and fastest repairs. This security plan also comes with the benefits of WAF malware protection and CDN performance acceleration.

Yes, it will. Even if your site is hosted with a different company, Website Security will still be compatible in the majority of cases. In addition, whether your website is built on a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or is custom coded, Website Security will still provide protection as normal.

Under all plans, your website is scanned at least once a day. However, depending on your plan, you may choose to have your site scanned at 12-hour intervals, 30-minute intervals, or once daily in frequency.

Yes. While an SSL certificate does add a layer of security to your website by establishing a secure connection and protecting user data through encryption, it doesn’t protect your site against other common cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Adding a Website Security Service onto a website that has an SSL certificate is the best way to ensure your site has well-rounded cybersecurity protection. You ensure defense against malware, SQL injections and DDoS attacks – all things you don’t on your website.

During the cleanup process, Website Security will backup and retain files that are modified for a short period of time. However, for a more complete solution for website backup and data protection, please see our Website & Data Backup plans.

A WAF is a cloud-based firewall that acts as the first line of defense for the cybersecurity of your website. It helps protect your site by screening traffic and defending against threats like DDoS attacks, SQL injections, as well as other types of spam.

A CDN is network of proxy servers and data centers that are geographically distributed globally. The benefit with content delivery networks is that they allow your site to load on servers that are closest to your visitors, geographically. Because of this, your site will load faster as a result.

For example, if your website is hosted on the west coast, but someone on the east coast visits your site, it will load just as fast for that visitor on the east coast as it would for a visitor on the west coast because the site will load on a server that is closer to that visitor on the east coast.

If a website has already been compromised, or hacked, it’s not necessarily too late, but it is best to try and resolve the issue sooner rather than later. Website Security Express is going to be the best and fastest option to resolve issues for sites that have already experienced some sort of cybersecurity breach.

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Get started with our Website Security Service today for only $6.99/month*

*Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

**Google will blacklist sites that could be considered dangerous to visitors, which makes it nearly impossible for people to find you. We identify and resolve any blacklisting issues, so there’s no interruption to your business.

***As opposed to simply scanning for malware that may have already infected your site, our Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides around-the-clock, proactive protection to block malware from ever reaching your website.

****Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) stores your content on multiple servers around the world, which means visitors connect to servers that are physically closer to them. This speeds up your website’s performance by at least 50%.

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