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Professional email with 50 GB of email storage.

  • Professional email using your domain name
  • 50 GB of Storage for email, contacts, and calendar
  • Sync across all devices
  • Shared online calendars
  • Up to 400 email aliases

Similarly to the Email Essentials plan, the Email Plus plan gives you a professional email address using your domain name. However, instead of 10 GB, you are given 50 GB of email storage. With this plan, you can also sync your calendar and contacts across your mobile devices and email clients.

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$5.99 / per month

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Microsoft 365 Email Plus FAQ

How much does Microsoft 365 Email Plus cost?

The price for Microsoft 365 Email Plus is $5.99/month. This is the cost per user and is billed on a monthly or annual basis.

What’s included with Email Plus?

Microsoft 365 Email Plus offers the same ability to set up a professional email address with your domain name as the Email Essentials plan offers. The only difference between the two plans is that you have a higher email storage limit with Email Plus.

How much email storage do I get with Email Plus?

The Email Plus plan has an email storage limit of 50 GB.

What if I don’t need this much storage space?

If 50 GB of email storage is more than you need, we recommend signing up for the Email Essentials plan instead. With this plan, you only get 10 GB of email storage.

How many user email accounts do I need to buy?

When purchasing Microsoft 365 Email Plus, the number of email user accounts you need to buy depends on the number of people who need their own email address. For example, if you have a business with four employees where everyone needs their own email address, including yourself, you would need to buy a total of five email accounts so that everyone could have their own dedicated email account. The number of email accounts can always be increased or decreased as needed.

Can I use Microsoft Office apps with this plan?

No, Email Plus does not come with Microsoft Office apps, only professional email in Outlook. If you need Microsoft Office apps with your Microsoft 365 plan, consider the Online Essentials or Business Premium plans. With Online Essentials, you get access to the web versions of Microsoft Office (online-only). But with Business Professional, you can also use Microsoft Office on up to 5 computers and devices of your choice.

Is there somewhere I can compare Microsoft 365 email plans?

Yes, in addition to the main Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy signup page, you may also read a comparison of Microsoft 365 email plans. Also view the Microsoft 365 email plan comparison chart in this article to help you compare plans.

How is GoDaddy involved with Microsoft 365?

See more information on GoDaddy’s involvement.

What if I still need help?

We’re glad to help. Get in touch with our sales team, and we will glad help you determine the right plan for you. We’ll even help you get set up when you’re ready.

godaddy customer service
microsoft outlook email
$5.99 / per month