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Your domain is simple to manage. From a single control panel, you can easily manage all aspects of your GoDaddy domain name such as DNS records and other options.

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Domain locking prevents unauthorized or accidental transfers of domain ownership. With total control, you can unlock your domain if you decide, or need to for transfers.


With auto-renewal, there is no need to worry about expiration dates. By default, your domain will auto renew, preventing expiration. You can change to manual renew at any time.

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GoDaddy Domain Search FAQs

Your domain name is the name of your website. Domain names are assigned in order to easily remember IP addresses. So instead of telling someone to visit your website at an IP address, you can tell them your domain name which will take them to your website. After entering a domain name into a web browser, the browser then uses that name in order to locate the IP address associated with the corresponding website. A good domain name is essential to promoting your website and giving your business a professional look.
While similar, the two are different from each other. An easy way to think about the difference is that a domain is simply the name of your website. Domains can used to setup email addresses as well as websites. Websites on the other hand are what people see when visiting your domain online.
Domain names often range in cost depending on a few different factors. Sometimes a domain name might cost as low as a few dollars, or up to hundreds of dollars or more in some cases. Cheap domains can also sometimes be purchased through a promotion or a renewal special. The biggest factors that influence domain cost are how short and catchy a particular name is, as well the domain extension that the name uses (such as .com, .net, or .org, among others).
If you have your heart set on a particular domain and it’s not available, don’t get discouraged. You might have a chance at getting it later when it becomes available with the GoDaddy Domain Backorder service. Another option is to try and buy the domain that someone else already owns.

Registering a domain name with GoDaddy is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete. Start by searching for a domain name that you’re interested in purchasing using the GoDaddy domain search tool. After finding a domain name that you want to buy and register, simply select Checkout to complete your purchase. Afterward, the domain name you selected will become registered to you.

For more step-by-step instruction, see: How to Choose and Register a Domain Name for Your Website.

The best domain names are short, simple, and easy to remember. They also perform the best. If you can, try to get a domain name that is similar or the same as the name of your business or brand. For more tips and best practices when selecting a domain name, see: How to Choose and Register a Domain Name for Your Website.
All domain registrars are required to maintain a publicly viewable “WHOIS” database that displays the contact information for every domain registered. This includes personal information, including physical address and a contact phone number. By using Domain Privacy Protection, you can have your personal contact information hidden from the public view. Instead, the contact information of the Domain Registrar will show, helping protect you from identity theft.
The length of time your domain is registered is completely up to you. On average, many customers will register their domain names for one to three years at a time. However, you can extend the length of your registration for even longer if you’d like. In addition, you have the option to manually renew your domain whenever you want or can set up auto-renewal, so you never have to worry about remembering to renew your domain name.

Domain names are needed for several reasons. For one, they serve as your website’s distinct name on the internet. In order to promote a business or brand online, having a domain name that matches the business is essential.

It’s also how visitors find your website online. It acts as the street address for your website. Without a domain name, you would need to tell people to visit your website at an IP address which, let’s be honest, no one would likely remember, or visit.

To find out if the name you want is available, enter your desired domain name in the GoDaddy domain search box. If it is available, then you will be able to purchase and register it. If it is not available, you will be shown similar alternative options and domain extensions that are available for purchase.

There are a few reasons why GoDaddy is the preferred registrar for millions of customers around the world. Among the top reasons include:

  1. GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar: With 82+ million domains under management, this makes GoDaddy the leader for domain name registration.
  2. Wide selection: When using the GoDaddy domain name search, you are accessing a powerful engine that searches the web for a vast selection of names across the globe.
  3. Award-winning support: GoDaddy offers highly-acclaimed support for customers who register domains.

A domain backorder is sort of like purchasing priority seating for a domain name you want to buy, but that is not currently available for purchase. Think of it as a reservation or waiting list of sorts.

With a domain backorder, you have a better chance at securing the domain name you want when it becomes available because you are essentially being moved to the top of the waiting list. And when the domain name you want expires and becomes available to the public for purchase, you’ll be among the first to know about it, giving you a much better chance to buy it for yourself.

For more on this topic, view: What is domain backorder and monitoring?

To check if a domain name is available, simply type in the name you are looking for in the GoDaddy domain name search engine. After selecting Search, you will then be shown whether the domain name you searched for is available for purchase or not.

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