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Domain Name FAQs

Your domain name is the name of your website. Domain names are assigned in order to easily remember IP addresses. So instead of telling someone to visit your website at an IP address, you can instead tell them your domain name which will take them to your website.

After entering a domain name into a web browser, the browser then uses the domain name in order to locate the IP address associated with the corresponding website. A good domain name is essential to promoting your website and giving your business a professional look.

Domain names are needed for several reasons. For one, they serve as your website’s distinct name on the internet. In order to promote a business or brand online, having a domain name that matches the business is essential.

A domain name is also how visitors find you online. It acts as the street address for your website. Without a domain name, you would need to tell people to visit your website at an IP address which no one would likely remember or visit.

The best domain names are simple and easy to remember. They also perform the best. If you can, try to get a domain name that is similar or the same as the name of your business or brand.

To find out, enter your desired domain name in the domain search box above. If it is available, then you will be able to purchase it. If it is not available, you will be shown alternative options and other extension options available for purchase.

If you have your heart set on a particular domain and it’s not available, don’t get discouraged. Try our Domain Backorder service to have a chance at getting it when it becomes available.

All domain registrars are required to maintain a publicly viewable “WHOIS” database that displays the contact information for every domain registered. This includes personal information, including physical address.

By using Domain Privacy Protection, you can have your personal contact information hidden from the public view. Instead the contact information of the Domain Registrar will show instead, protecting you from identity theft.

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  • Products will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your account.
  • Change of registration may require a fee for certain domains.