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For individuals and small businesses looking to step up their professional game, Microsoft 365 email plans are a popular option. With Microsoft 365 email, you are able to set up a professional email address using your own domain name. This helps to establish trust and professionalism with anyone you need to email, whether that be customers, vendors, or potential prospects.

This article discusses the plans offered through Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy and the various features included within each plan tier.

Understanding the differences in Microsoft 365 email plans

There are four core plans that GoDaddy offers to use Microsoft 365 email. Which plan you should use depends on your individual and/or business needs.

The four plans can be broken down into two categories:

  1. Email-only plans
  2. Email plans that also include Office apps

The four main plans include:

  • Email Essentials
  • Email Plus
  • Online Essentials
  • Business Professional

All four Microsoft 365 email plans let you set up a professional email address using your own domain name. What’s different between plans is mainly two things:

  1. The limit on email storage, and
  2. Access to Microsoft Office apps (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Email-only plans

As mentioned, there are two categories of Microsoft 365 email plans. The first two email plans fall into the category of “email-only” include:

  • Email Essentials
  • Email Plus

These are email plans that do not include access to Microsoft Office apps and programs and are best for those who only need a professional email address and nothing else.

Email Essentials

The Email Essentials plan is the most basic of all Microsoft 365 email plans. With this plan, you get a professional email address using your domain name.

You have the ability to sync your email across your mobile devices, as well as email clients, along with your calendar and contacts. With Email Essentials, you have a limit of 10 GB of email storage.

Email Plus

The Email Plus plan offers all of the same professional email as Email Essentials, however the only difference between the two plans is the email storage limit. So, instead of the 10 GB email storage limit you would have with Email Essentials, you have 50 GB of storage with Email Plus.

Email plans that include Microsoft Office apps

The two plans that fall into category which include Microsoft Office apps, plus professional email are:

  • Online Essentials
  • Business Professional

For individuals or business who need a professional email address, as well as access to the suite of Microsoft Office apps, Online Essentials or Business Professional are going to be better options to consider. Both options are considered to be a step-up from the “email-only” plans.

Online Essentials

The Online Essentials plan offers the same 50 GB limit of email storage using your professional email address as Email Plus, but also includes access to the online versions of Microsoft Office apps and programs.

With Online Essentials, you get access to 1 TB of OneDrive storage, file sharing, and the online (web) versions of Office programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams.

Note: While you can use Microsoft Office online with this plan, you are not able to download, install, and use Office apps on your desktop computer. To do this, you will need to use the Business Professional Microsoft 365 email plan instead.

Business Professional

The Business Professional plan is considered top-of-the-line for Microsoft 365 email plans. With this plan, you get everything from Online Essentials, but also have the ability to download and install Microsoft Office apps on up to 5 computers of your choice (Mac or PC), per user. In addition, you can also use Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices of your choice such as smartphones and tablets, per user.

Microsoft 365 email plans comparison chart

Use this comparison chart to better understand the key differences with each Microsoft 365 email plan.

Featuremicrosoft outlook emailEmail Essentialsmicrosoft outlook emailEmail
office 365 online essentialsOnline Essentialsoffice 365 business premiumBusiness Professional
How to purchaseBuy hereBuy hereBuy hereBuy here
Users per subscription1111
Email storage limit10 GB50 GB50 GB50 GB
Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.)XXWeb-version (online) onlyWeb and Desktop versions
Number of computers Office can be installed onXXX5 per user
Number of phones/tablets Office can be installed onXXX5 per user
OneDrive storage limitXX1 TB1 TB
HIPAA compliant emailXXXYes, with add-on

Hopefully this comparison of email plans has helped you decide which plan is right for you. If you have more questions, we encourage you to visit our Help Center for more assistance on this topic.

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