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Elements of modern SEO include: Content, UX, building trust, and other things aimed at providing a targeted, user friendly experience for your audience in order to gain conversion. SEO goes beyond knowing what words to us and where to put them. Rather, it should be incorporated into every aspect of your business from PR, to marketing, and to sales.

An SEO team might sound like a silly investment compared to other departments like marketing and sales teams, but having one sets your business up for success as it ensures great results.  That’s because SEO teams will ensure every aspect of your business is SEO facing. Meaning, your business will stay optimized and at the top of every Google search.

This article will explore the benefits of adding SEO into your business model.                

SEO is good for the entire business

SEO is delicate balance that can easily get thrown off by a wrong word or internal departmental issues. Sometimes it’s because businesses are too heavy on the SEO and make their business dependent on Google traffic which is just unsustainable in the long run as Google traffic changes day-to-day.

This is mainly due to the fact that many business still see SEO as a separate practice from other business concerns. Often, SEO will get prioritized last when it should be the first thing taken into account.

Don’t be that type of business. It won’t benefit you in the long run.

Incorporate SEO at the start of your business

It’s ineffective to wait until everything else is done to add in SEO. You shouldn’t decide to add in SEO after you’ve relaunched your website for example, or add in content optimization after you’ve designed a visually stunning website.

The sooner you add SEO into every part of business planning, the more results you will see. Some questions to consider as you begin to add SEO into your business model are:

  • What’s my product? 
  • What’s my product name?
  • Are people already searching for it on Google?
  • What does my competition look like?

Taking these questions into consideration, being able to answer them, and putting them into fruition at the beginning of business planning will set your business up for success going forward.

Add SEO throughout the whole business structure

Modern SEO is a multidisciplinary approach that considers the business as a whole rather than existing on the outskirts of it. Data from other business areas helps improve your SEO approach because those insights can inform execute going forward.

Here’s just how SEO relates to other departments:

Market research

Market research includes conducting surveys and gathering data. Being able to answer questions about your product and how people interact with it provides valuable insight for SEO. With that information, you can get content and keywords perfect to incorporate into your SEO.

Keyword research is also a great way to get SEO content that can influence the whole of your market research.


Marketing is a huge umbrella that includes a lot of different areas like social media, customer service, newsletters, and much more. SEO tends to get lumped in with marketing and although not completely separate, deserves its own attention. If marketers and SEO experts can put their knowledge together, they can inform and inspire each other into success.


Conversion is a metric of sales and one that should get taken into account for SEO. You can look at raw numbers and how they correlate to your SEO campaigns.

Content creation

SEO should inform whatever content you create for your brand. It should include things like: what topics to cover, keywords or titles of written work, and questions you want answered.

Any kind of announcement, campaign, press, social content, and videos should include SEO insights because they instantly benefit from them.


UX and SEO go hand-in-hand because they’re both designed for optimization. Any research or information gathered should go to each team so they can work together to create considerations based on that information flow.

Integrate SEO into your business processes

Your SEO specialist should be seen as an independent member of your team there to optimize your business. The expert should be similar to a marketer that reports to a CEO or CTO and that communicates across all departments for insights and knowledge to inform their campaigns.

SEO should inform your WHOLE business. The more research, the more information gathered, and the earlier you integrate SEO into your content, your business will benefit from it.

See how we can help you start incorporating search engine optimization into your overall marketing strategy. Get started by contacting us.

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