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Online marketing solutions that help increase traffic and sales.

It's a competitive digital world out there. Give your business a chance at being more discoverable online with marketing tools that help you get there.

Increase traffic with SEO.

Improve your visibility on search engines.

Ever heard the saying, “if you build it, they will come?” Well, this isn’t exactly true with websites. Simply launching a website is not enough to get visitors to your site.

That’s where SEO comes in. By implementing SEO best practices for your website, this will help improve your rank on search engines, thus, getting more traffic to your site.

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Stay top of mind with email marketing.

Keep your email subscribers in the know.

Ever get an email from a business you have shopped from? That’s email marketing. And it works. With GoDaddy email campaigns, you can send beautifully designed emails to your customers letting them know what’s new or if you have a sale going on. Best part, no design or technical knowledge is required. Simply select a template you like, and off you go!

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Digital Marketing FAQs

In a nutshell, online marketing is the practice of leveraging digital tools to help improve the online presence of a business. While having a website is the first step to establishing an online presence, this is just the starting point. Getting set up on social media, running online ads, as well as improving your online visibility through search engine optimization are all examples of online marketing.

Yes, it does. When strategically implemented, online marketing is actually one of the most effective forms of marketing when it comes to lead generation. In addition, compared to traditional methods of advertising, online marketing offers a few other benefits that are hard to compete with. One being that it’s one of most cost-friendly options available to businesses and advertisers.

Secondly, it’s highly insightful when it comes to data. Because of this, it’s much easier to tell if your efforts are working, or whether some adjustments need to be made. With that being said, it’s an essential tool for any business seeking to grow their digital presence.

For more on this topic, view: Why Online Marketing is Important.

First and foremost, you want to start with a website. This is the very step to start developing an online presence. For this we recommend starting with a GoDaddy Website Builder plan to get a website setup for your business. The great thing is, certain plans comes with some online marketing tools already included, so that will give you a strong starting point.

Now, if you already have a website, then the next step you’ll want to take is optimizing that website for search engines. This is accomplished through SEO. We would recommend starting here if you’re trying to get more visitors to your website.

Many of our products are tailored specifically to small business. Because of this, you will find that many of the options that we offer are quite affordable for the small business owner. To give you an idea, our SEO plan is only $6.99/month* whereas our top tier email marketing plan is around $30/month.

Online marketing really is holistic by nature. And It should be approached as such. This is why it’s important to cover all areas of digital marketing to ensure your online presence is well-diversified. Long-term, it’s not enough to only focus on social media, or only on SEO. Rather, each aspect plays an important role in the bigger picture for your online marketing strategy. Investing earlier may help set you up for greater success later.

Believe it or not, business listings are actually key components to any well-planned digital marketing strategy. Business listings are generally free online profiles that you can set up for your business that display important information about your business. This may include information such as your company’s phone number, website and hours of operation. An example of a business listing would be a Yelp or Google listing through Google My Business.

Perhaps more importantly, is that business listings help expand the online presence of your business. The reason being is that listings allow your business to display on popular sites that people use to search for business related to yours. If your business shows up when they search, this might help create a bit of extra traffic for your own website. Which as you may know, is important to converting more visitors into customers.

With all marketing products you will be able to see information and stats that show before and current results of performance. For example, with Search Engine Visibility, you can see where your website currently ranks on search engines, compared to where it used to rank.

You will also be able to see how much traffic your website is getting by adding in Google Analytics to your site. With our email marketing plans, you can tell how many people opened your email, as well as other valuable information that can give you an idea of how well things are performing over time.

But like all other investments in your business, the best indicator if something is working is if you start seeing an increase in business.

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