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GoDaddy Airo is a new AI-powered tool now included with every new GoDaddy domain purchase. Airo helps grow your online presence by creating a customized website for you.

With GoDaddy Airo, you can generate logo options for your business, social media posts and online ads, as well as set up an email address. You can even create email marketing campaigns using automated templates to quickly reach and sell to your customers.

For those who reside in the U.S., GoDaddy Airo can help you register a free Limited Liability Company.

How do I get GoDaddy Airo?

You can get Airo when you buy a new domain through GoDaddy. If you can’t access it in the region you’re in yet, keep an eye out as it may be available soon.

What can I do with GoDaddy Airo?

With GoDaddy Airo, you can publish a “coming soon” website, create a full website, design a logo, get a professional email address, generate social media handles, choose automated email templates, post social media content, launch branded adverts on social media, and even register an LLC for free.

Why use GoDaddy Airo?

On top of setting up a custom online presence for you in minutes, GoDaddy Airo gives you full control to edit any aspect of your website just like you would without the AI. You can also publish a “Coming soon” page if you’re not ready to launch your website just yet so customers can know when you’re going to start your venture.

The tool can also be used to brainstorm ideas by providing a few guiding prompts to see what comes up. You can change the prompts to get more ideas and leverage those to create your unique offering.

Do I have to use AI?

GoDaddy Airo is a completely optional experience. If you don’t want to use the AI feature, simply click decline when you go to publish your “coming soon” website, and ignore the tiles giving you the option to use GoDaddy Airo’s capabilities.

If you change your mind later, GoDaddy Airo will still be on your dashboard ready for you to use. 

Once I’ve left it, how can I get Airo back?

Every time you visit your GoDaddy dashboard, Airo will be there waiting for you to pick up where you left off.

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