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Scaling an e-commerce business is a challenging process. You’re dealing with steep competition, short attention spans, and selective customers. Have no fear. We’re here to help guide you through it.

This article will provide 8 useful tactics to off to your growth strategy. 

1 – Optimize your e-commerce website for conversion

Optimizing your online store for conversion is a sure way to convert visitors into paying customers. This is a great way to drive revenue and scale business. Conversion is a huge part of having an effective e-commerce strategy, and when you choose to ignore it, it’s a missed opportunity.

Make the most out of your marketing efforts and ensure your website supports your e-commerce strategy by making your website mobile friendly, increasing your page speed, improving website navigation, and offering multiple payment options.   

2 – Conduct search engine optimization for your store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your webpages rank higher in search engine results when people are searching for keywords, phases, or queries relevant to your business. Ranking highly can help attract more paying customers to your e-commerce store.

Optimizing your product pages for relevant keywords can increase your product’s chances of showing up on search engine results pages (SERPs) when shoppers search for them. When you begin to optimize your SEO, you should: perform keyword research, optimize your website for on-page SEO, and improve your site’s technical SEO.  

3 – Develop a solid email marketing strategy

A great way to drive repeat purchases is through email marketing. For example, if a customer hasn’t purchased from you for a while, you can send an email with a 15% off coupon code to entice them to make another purchase. Or maybe they have items left in their shopping cart. You can send a reminder email with a convincing offer to get them to act.

You can also use email marketing to empower your customer through education and encouragement. This helps them engage with a topic they care about while allowing you to build relationships with them. When implementing an email marketing strategy, you should consider: crating segmental email lists, create compelling emails, and set up email sequences. 

4 – Develop a customer loyalty program

A customer loyalty program helps increase customer retention. It lets you reward your customers for their repeated purchase and continued engagement with your business. These rewards can look like anything from bonus points to exclusive discounts, and free products.

Running a customer loyalty program is a great way to encourage your customers to make more purchases. It can asp help e-commerce brands develop stronger relationships with their customers. A customer loyalty program can help you: reduce marketing costs, enhance brand loyalty, encourage brand and product advocacy, deepen relationships with high-value customer, and receive valuable feedback from loyal customers.

When implementing a customer loyalty program you should consider: offering graduated tiers of rewards based on defined levels of customer loyalty, communicate the benefits and rewards in simple terms your customer can understand, make it easy for them to join the program, increase awareness by emailing your customers about your brand’s loyalty program, and offer additional points or rewards to customers who promote your brand or loyalty program on social media.  

5 – Build a social media presence

Social media is a new outlet for customers to purchase from, and they do. Establishing a social media presence for your brand can help you reach more customers, increase brand awareness, and drive more sales.

It’s also a great way to build long-lasting relationships with customers while gaining valuable insights about their needs and preferences. A good social media presence can help attract new customers while also retaining existing ones. Some social media tips to consider are: choosing the right platforms, publishing engaging content, leveraging paid social ads, and regularly track your social media performance. 

6 – Run influencer marketing campaigns

Leveraging social media influencers is an excellent way to add to your e-commerce growth strategy. Working with influencers allows you to tap into their follower base, reaching a wider audience, and allows you to leverage the trust that influencer has built with their followers to your advantage.

Here are some tips to consider when running an influencer marketing campaign: choose the right influencer to collaborate with, don’t ignore the power of influencers with smaller audiences, and use an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. 

7 – Establish a presence on e-commerce marketplaces

A great way to expand your reach and increase sales is by establishing your presence on e-commerce marketplaces. E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Alibaba attract millions of shoppers each month to their sites.

Building a storefront on these marketplaces, allows you to put your products in front of those shoppers and help you expand your customer base. Leveraging marketplaces allows you to tap into their massive customer bases, their warehouse, packaging, and shipping solutions, and their marketing tools and functionalities to grow and protect your business.

8 – Provide exceptional customer service

For online shoppers, customer service is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing retailers. When you consistently offer excellent customer serve, you can help e-commerce stores retain their existing customers, and turn customers into brand advocated who will recommend your business to others. Some things to consider when delivering customer service are: offering multi-channel support, implementing an AI-powered chatbot, and offering multiple self-service options.

Put it all together and implement your e-commerce growth strategy

Scaling an e-commerce business in today’s competitive market is a difficult feat. Whether your focus is on delivering exceptional customer service, running a multi-channel influencer marketing campaign, building a rock-solid loyalty program, or skyrocketing to the top of search engine results, getting the right tools in your e-commerce strategy is key to success.

Start building your online store today!

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