godaddy managed woocommerce stores

Managed WooCommerce Stores is an e-commerce WordPress hosting platform that provides flexibility and ease of use for growing businesses. Its software provides users with functionality and scalability that enables businesses to grow across multiple channels.

The e-commerce software combines the flexibility of WordPress with a fully managed platform built to scale for growing businesses. GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores hosting is different form other e-commerce software systems because of its wide-range of features that work well with businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Here’s what makes GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores plans different

GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Stores sync across marketplaces saving businesses wasted hours by connecting your product catalog to marketplaces. Your orders and inventory can now be managed easily through a fully-integrated dashboard.

Managed WooCommerce stores plans easily integrate with GoDaddy payments for both online and in-person transactions giving you automatic savings. GoDaddy’s platform supports a wide-range of third-party payment providers while charging the lowest fees compared to competitors.

GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores plans scale with business growth. Each plan allows users to gain access to thousands of add-on extensions in the WooCommerce Marketplace. Business owners can now grow their business their way.

Here’s what problems Managed WooCommerce Stores plans solve

Managed WooCommerce Stores plans consolidate all the tools you need into one platform so you don’t have to use multiple platforms to support your changing business needs. Multiple plans, tiers, and features exist to support your unique business needs and support you when new ones arise.

Manage your inventory and sales across multiple channels through a single dashboard. Managed WooCommerce Stores plans take help businesses keep their inventory in sync. The platform also provides users with flexibility by giving them complete ownership of their site.

GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Stores plans optimizes security and performance enabling users to put more focus on their website build rather than which hosting management platform to use.

Benefits of GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores plans

In today’s world of evolving tech and commerce solutions, stability and scalability are the biggest factors businesses seek out. Managed WooCommerce Stores plans are the number one choice for high-powered commerce. GoDaddy offers fully-managed WordPress hosting so your technology stack is optimized and diversified. Ideal for beginners and pros alike.

If you have WordPress and WooCommerce already installed, you can save time through automatic installations updated for your core software, plugins, and extensions. GoDaddy also offers free migration services with a Managed WooCommerce plan.


Today’s technology landscape is constantly shifting. In order to keep up with demand, businesses need to optimize their processes. Instead of spreading yourself across multiple channels and platforms to keep up with industry needs, get a single platform that does it all for you. GoDaddy’s Managed WooCommerce Stores plans provides synchronized, scalable commerce solutions so you can focus on business growth.

Ready to get started? Try GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores today.

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