small business inflation

One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses in 2022 has been the supply chain issue. With increasing prices and certain products becoming significantly more difficult to come by, many small businesses in some way or another have been affected by inflation. Similarly, businesses are finding new interest rates just as impactful as inflation.

How Inflation Affects Businesses

During the pandemic, ongoing supply chain issues made it more difficult to access certain goods and contributed to price hikes that undoubtedly helped accelerate inflation. Businesses since then have had a difficult time adjusting to those rising prices caused by inflation. In fact, about 26% of small businesses have seen costs for goods and services rise by 20%.

In an attempt to stay afloat during inflation, many businesses are choosing to increase costs on their products and services. This puts businesses in a difficult spot as some customers or clients might not like increased prices. Increasing costs also leads to increasing profit margins. Expanding that margin makes it difficult for businesses to meet their goals and remain profitable because it widens that gap between revenue and sales rather than closing it.

Another way businesses are managing inflation is by saving money. This includes tactics such as: reducing inventory and cutting marketing costs or other expenses that invest in the business. Cutting costs and saving money is a great way to curb inflation for small businesses.

How Businesses Can Curb Inflation

With today’s market conditions, the best thing for small businesses to do is either focus on staying small or expanding. If staying small is the goal for your business, then it’s smart to keep your expenses low. Focus on ways to reduce production costs and only spend money on essential items. Not only should you save your money, but also invest. Investing provides another means of growing your cash flow so it’s easier to surpass or keep up with inflation.

If you choose to focus on growth, then it leaves room to generate enough revenue which helps stay ahead of inflation and competition. Some ways of growing your business are through increased marketing efforts and new strategies in pricing your business. This helps you invest in your business and promote growth. A great way to invest in your business is by taking out a small business loan. Taking out a loan will help fund marketing and anything you need to help elevate your business.

What’s Next?

Inflation is constantly occurring. It’s never going to disappear because the value of goods constantly changes. However, it’s possible for inflation to even out. The best thing for businesses to do is work with current market conditions and make smart choices in how to manage your business during this time. Whether that’s staying small and cutting costs or by growing your business through increased marketing efforts and investments, finding the right path for your business is essential. How will you choose to curb inflation?

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