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Generative AI, or artificial intelligence, is a popular topic of discussion these days. But as a small business owner, does this actually mean anything for you? Well, yes, as a matter of fact.

Small business owners are tasked with wearing many hats when running their businesses. Everyday to-do’s such as responding to customers, preparing invoices, posting to social media pages, writing blog posts, are all common responsibilities small business owners are faced with on a daily basis. And these are all things that eat right in a small business owners most valuable resource — time.

Well what if there was a way to get some help with these tasks, all without the need to hire additional staff, while saving you invaluable amounts of time in the process? With a little help from Generative AI, now you can.

Enter GoDaddy AI Tools for small businesses.

GoDaddy AI for small businesses

Long time web hosting provider and domain registrar, GoDaddy, now provides a solution for customers to leverage generative AI in their businesses that directly integrates with many of their existing suite of products.

More specifically, with AI built directly into GoDaddy’s products, tasks that once required a manual hands-on process such as writing content, creating a website, posting on social media channels, or designing a logo, can now all be handled directly with integrated AI capability.

If you’re thinking that this is too good to be true, I assure you, it’s not. If you’re wondering how it all works, see this short video for a demonstration:

As you can see, GoDaddy’s new AI tools for small businesses help with all of the basic, but necessary tasks when starting a business, including:

What is generative AI?

Plain and simple, generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that creates content including text, imagery, audio, and other types of media using generative models. A generative model is basically a type of machine learning that focuses on patterns of data distribution.

Popular generative AI applications such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard leverage Large Language Models (LLMs). These LLMs allow these applications to return content to users within seconds by entering simple prompts into their systems. This content may include anything from website copy, to social media posts, to email marketing text, or even scripts for your employees to use on calls with potential customers.

This generative AI technology is what is now integrated within much of GoDaddy’s suite of products and is available to customers who choose to use this technology, though not required.

GoDaddy’s AI prompt library

For help with which prompts to use, GoDaddy’s AI prompt library provides you with a categorized collection of various prompts that you can use with ChatGPT for a wide range of business needs. For example, the prompt library suggests helpful prompts for categories such as business operations, content creation, sales, social media, starting a business, and much more. This is a good starting point if you need ideas on the best types of prompts to use with ChatGPT, or other generative AI application, based on the goal you are trying to accomplish.

What this means for small businesses

The introduction of GoDaddy AI tools for small businesses is pivotal as it allows business owners to tap into another dimension of business automation and operations that in the past, would have been otherwise unattainable.

As a result, the primary benefit to entrepreneurs and small business owners is that they end up saving more time, increase efficiency, and are in a better position overall to compete with similar sized or even larger businesses within their industries.

Being able to leverage these tools provides customers with an advantage that propels their businesses into a space of advanced operational technology without the need for “technological savvy-ness.” And in fact, business owners do actually want to use this technology in their businesses.

In a study conducted by GoDaddy on generative AI, the findings suggested that small business owners are eager to grow and save time by leveraging AI in their businesses. In the survey, nearly one in four indicated a willingness to use outside help for tasks such as creating content.

With that being said, it really isn’t a question as to if small businesses owners should use AI within their business.

The real question is, “why not?”

Want to learn more about GoDaddy AI?

Check out GoDaddy’s Beginner Guide to AI for Small Business webinar, where GoDaddy Content Marketing Director, Alicia Lino, gives an in-depth overview of how you can start using AI and reaping the benefits for your business today.

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