godaddy ai product launch

GoDaddy recently announced the launch of three new generative AI tools that help small businesses remove manual work from tasks, freeing up entrepreneurs to put more time into other aspects of their business. This announcement comes just a few shorts months after the release of GoDaddy’s AI prompt library.

These three tools help develop content for online product descriptions, customer service messages, and Instagram and Facebook ads.

With all these advancements in AI and volume of new products being created and put out to market everyday, you may be wondering what each product does for your business and how it’s used. That’s where we’ve got you covered! 

This article highlights the three new GoDaddy AI products that are increasing efficiency for small business owners and helping them grow.

GoDaddy’s AI Tools

Online store product descriptions

GoDaddy AI can create accurate and concise product descriptions in just seconds based on product images taken and uploaded within your online store. A set of prompts are run through three AI models that deliver high-quality, persuasive summaries you can add into your product description online.

Customer service messages

GoDaddy’s Conversation app takes away the headache of scrolling through lengthy emails, comments, texts, or direct messages you may need to catch up on. Powered by AI technology, the conversation app summarizes the conversation with the customer with little to no direction from the store owner. It then gives proposed responses the business can edit as they need to and send to the customer, making the digital customer service experience faster, easier, and more personalized.

Social media ads

Most small businesses don’t have the knowledge or expertise to advertise their business effectively, especially over social media platforms. That’s where generative AI can help. GoDaddy customers can use Digital Ads to generate high-quality, effective ads for Facebook and Instagram that attract customers to their business.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With GoDaddy’s Generative AI Tools

No matter where you’re at in your business, generative AI can be a useful tool to grow your business. GoDaddy’s AI tools help businesses save time and money by taking the labor out of lengthy manual tasks, freeing small business owners to put time and energy on prioritizing other aspects of business. Begin your AI journey with GoDaddy, the market’s leading platform for small business growth.

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