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The short answer to whether you really need a website for your business is yes, you certainly do. But why put your business online, you may ask. Simply put, today’s competitive business world requires an online presence if you want to be competitive. If you stop and think about it, people use the internet for most of the information that they are looking for. These people included your current and potential customers.

From researching and buying products to reading online reviews for that new restaurant in town, people go online for just about everything. With that being said, it’s likely that your competitors are already online with a website that acts as a marketing and sales tool. Without a website that tells the world just how great your company is and all the benefits it has to offer, you’re not capturing all of the new customers you possibly could.

What a Website can do for your Business

With a good business website, you are able to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of people who may be interested in what your business has to offer. By providing information on your website about the services or products that your business sells, people can learn a lot about your business and be more inclined to make a purchase when it comes to buying time. Think of it as having your business being promoted 24/7 online. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

If this wasn’t incentive enough, consider this: according to Forbes, 45% of people read reviews before making a purchase. That’s nearly 1 out of every 2 people going online before making a decision to buy. With that being said, let’s dive into a list of reasons why a website is essential for all businesses.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Small Business

1 – Your customers are looking for it

As if this reason was not reason enough, the fact is that people rely on company’s website to gather more information and do research. People require it. If they cannot find your business online, there is a sense of credibility that is lost.

2 – A website allows you to build a company image

How your website looks gives a strong impression to people who are looking at it. If your website has a looks professional, clean and provides a great user experience, then potential customers are much more likely to have a positive perception of your company. The opposite is also true. If your website looks outdated, unprofessional and does not offer a great user experience, you can expect the people visiting your website will have a negative perception of your business. So make it the reflect the positive company image that it should! How do you want people to view your business?

3 – Your competition in the market already has their own website

The last thing you want is potential customers buying from the other guys when they could have gone to your store instead. This could very well happen if they find that a similar business is offering what they are looking for online. So stay competitive. Fish where the fish are, so to speak. The fish are online.

4 – You can make more sales online

If you have a brick and mortar store or restaurant, you can drastically increase the quantity of products you sell by simply allowing people to shop from your website. If you have a restaurant, allowing people the opportunity to make online reservations will increase the number of people dining at your restaurant. According to a new study by Pew Research, Eight in 10 people are now shopping online with 15% buying online on a weekly basis. Sounds pretty promising.

5 – You can show your products or services

With a company website, you can show exactly what it is you have to offer customers who might be interested. This is a great way to inform and educate people on the specifics of what you’re selling.

6 – You can gain trust and credibility through testimonials and reviews

When we think about a website as being a marketing and promotional tool, placing reviews on your website from former customers is a great way to build credibility with future potential customers. It’s almost like a word of mouth referral, that’s available for everyone and anyone to see online. People candidly raving about your business in a public online environment carries much more weight than anything an advertisement could accomplish.
So there you have it, just a few powerful reasons it makes sense for your business to have a website.

Need a website for your business?

If you need help creating your company website, this is something we can help out with. When creating websites for our clients, we ensure that they are built with professionalism and SEO in mind.  So not only should it look great, but it should rank high on Google and above the competition.

If interested, try a GoDaddy Website Builder plan. It’s an investment that your company deserves.

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