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With the numerous marketing strategies available, knowing how and when to market your brand can be intimidating for most people. Driving traffic to your website is important for business success in our digital world, so understanding how to attract customers is essential. From knowing how to let your content work double across blogs and other social media to gaining attention through great value, attracting customers to your site is key to boosting your online presence and driving customer engagement.

This blog will provide 14 proven tips to to attract customers to your website.

1 – Turn your blog articles into social media posts

Social media content is not enough to drive interest in your business. Rather, pairing your social content with a great blog that has an abundance of quality articles that rank well on Google is a great way to ensure your brand gets seen by a larger audience.

For new companies, SEO may take some time to kick in, so it’s smart to take those big article and turn them social media posts. Through social media, businesses can promote their blog posts, bringing more eyes to your brand, and converting them into customers.  

2 – Have clear CTAs (Calls to Action)

On every page of your website, you should have a strong CTA such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” or “Book a Consultation.” Make sure all CTAs are easy to see and clickable especially on mobile devices.

For visitors who leave a website without taking any action, you should utilize features like pop-ups or chat windows to grab their attention. Ensure your website’s key details such as: address, map or directions, phone number, and hours of operation are prominently displayed on the homepage towards to top and that your business listing are updated and accurate.

If there is any inaccurate or missing content on your website, your rankings could suffer. Most search engines like Google will give preference to business directories over those with inaccurate internet listings. By using a reputable business directory service, you can be sure customers can find you when they need to.   

3 – Partner with influencers

Part of what makes GoDaddy a well known a part from excellent products and services, is it’s brand partnerships. Everyone remembers Danica Patrick as the spokeswoman for the brand. She was so closely associated with the brand that it was difficult to bring up GoDaddy without thinking of Danica. Celebrity partnerships can work really well in driving up interest in your products and services, so if you can, pair up with one.  

4 – Promote your business on social media

The success of your website hinges upon whether or not people can find it. A great way to ensure your site is able to be found online is to utilize social media to promote it. Spend some time researching where your ideal customer spends their time the most, then be sure to use those social media sites so you can better reach them.

Once you’ve picked your sites, start targeting new customers with posts that entice them to visit your site. You need to post content that resonates with your audience and make it more appealing by utilizing good visuals such as photography, infographics, and videos. Adding hashtags teach post is also helpful! Hashtags allow users to find your content when they search specific words or phrases.

Comment and like users and interact with them when they do the same to your posts. It lets your audience know you are listening and they enjoy business that make them feel seen. It’s a great opportunity to invite them to share your posts with heir networks to increase your reach. 

5 – Offer discounts

Whether that be a brick-and-mortar store or online, most customers love deals. If you’re facing challenges attracting customers to your site, consider offering discounts on your products or services.

Offering potential customers a great deal is a quick and attractive way to get more people to your site, which usually results in more sales! Show how big your sale is by presenting the “standard price” next to the discounted one, and create excitement by limiting the time of the sale to days or even hours especially if it’s a holiday sale or event.   

6 – Build trust through reviews

A tried and true way to attract customers to your site is to get more online reviews. Shoppers more than ever are turning to online reviews when they buy, so achieving a high quality rating online is essential to attract more customers to your site. 

7 – Create evergreen content

It’s important to show your audience that you’re an expert authority in whatever market, industry, niche, product or service you’re involved in. That’s why you should put a strong focus on creating high-quality, evergreen content that presents expert insights. Using videos, blogs, podcasts, and other creative content are great options to deliver your expert opinions.

Doing this and being consistent with it, will help establish your brand as an expert in your field. This ultimately makes your website a more attractive hub for knowledge on a particular subject area. You can also encourage your new viewers to subscribe to a newsletter which invites them to become more consistent visitors to your site.   

8 – Utilize video marketing to build brand recognition

Before a customer will buy form you, they need to know, like, and trust your brand. That’s why you should use video content marketing to establish that trust. Videos help build brand recognition faster than static graphics ever could excuse your audience has a better chance to get to know the person/founder behind the brand.

When you consistently show up online with great content for your audience, they will look to you as a credible source for information. Content such as tutorials, quick tips and tricks to help achieve a result, business stories, before and after transformations, and sharing opinions about topics relevant to your field are fantastic examples of valuable content audiences love to see.

Once you build trust with your audience, you can layer in CTAs to visit your site, sign up to newsletters, etc. After you’ve established your business as a credible source, your audience is more likely to take action when it’s directed.

9 – Show social proof

A popular marketing tip for attracting customers to your website is leveraging the power of social proof. Social proof is the concept that people tend to follow the actions and decisions of others when they are unsure or unfamiliar with a product or service.

To use social proof to your advantage, you can do things like displaying customer reviews and ratings prominently on your site, showcase social media followers; use endorsements/testimonials from influencers, industry experts, or celebrities; show awards and certificates your business has received, and use urgency and scarcity as a way to encourage customers to take action.    

10 – Create community

A great way to help draw visitors to your site is to foster a sense of community around your business. Develop a devoted following of customers both enthusiastic and supportive about what you offer by cultivating a community of like-minded individuals around your business.

You can do this by creating a forum, Facebook group, chat room, or Slack channel where customers can interact, exchange ideas, provide feedback, and organize events and webinars. All of this helps greatly in fostering a sense of community. This also helps in enhancing engagement, establishing trust, and providing customers a space to promote your business.

Community building can take some time, but the long-term benefits make the time and effort worthwhile in the end.

11 – Make content marketing a priority

Market your content! It’s a great way to attract more customers to your site. For decades now, content marketing has been a vital part of succeeding on the internet. Great content is usually shared online and in some cases, can go viral. Even if it doesn’t go viral, it can help make you more visible to potential customers attracting them to your site. Content marketing is an important marketing tactic businesses should learn to grow your business in today’s day and age.

12 – Connect to customers through storytelling

A good, memorable ad or website tells a story. Excellent branding and storytelling are more likely to make emotional connections with customers and audience members. Audiences love brand stories because they’re inspiring. A brand’s story can humanize itself and build relationships with customers. In appealing to a target audience’s unique motivations, a company can differentiate itself from competition.     

You can gain content through not only your marketing team, but from satisfied clients and influencers. This is a great way to get content for videos, blog posts, and general campaigns. Audiences notice and trust brands when someone they know, like them, tells their story. Brand enthusiasts and marketing strategies targeted to users show that companies can offer something great beyond commodity products.

13 – Publish content on multiple platforms

Try and publish your content on other platforms a part from your website. That’s  because it can drive what’s known as “branded search” and benefit your SEO as search engine swill recognize you as an authority. Guest posting on websites, partnering in podcasts, or contributing to online forums in your niche, you expose your brand to a wider audience. This increases your visibility and leads to more people searching for your brand, ultimately increasing your “branded search” traffic.   

This is beneficial for SEO because search engines like Google view it as a powerful signal to your brand’s authority and credibility. When more people search for you’re brand, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher in search results. This can increase your organic traffic, click rates, and potentially more customers visiting your website.

14 – Provide tempting offers

Provide an offer that’s enticing and no-one can compete with. Perhaps that’s a better refund period, more value within the product, easier payments terms, etc. This helps boost conversion rates, encourages word of mouth, and drives traffic to your site. Standing out from the competition is essential in increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your site.  

Build your site today

Part of drumming interest in your site is having a high-quality, user-friendly site. Build your website today and begin your online business journey.

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