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GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is an optimized hosting plan for the building and management of WordPress websites. Simply put, GoDaddy managed WordPress simplifies the set up and maintenance of websites built on WordPress by automating much of what would otherwise be manual tasks. The configuration of the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting environment is designed in a way to help sites run faster and be more secure overall.

The term “managed” means that the web host (such as GoDaddy) handles basic administrative tasks for customers using a managed WordPress hosting plan. These tasks include items such as automatic installation of WordPress, automated daily backups, along with automated WordPress core updates. Server-level caching is also something that is taken care of on behalf of the customer.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting services

The services that are handled on behalf of the customer include:

  • The latest and most secure version of WordPress is automatically installed during initial setup.
  • WordPress core is automatically updated anytime a newer version is released.
  • Website caching for enhanced performance.
  • High-level security through the use of restricted file access.
  • Secure user access to website files and database via sFTP and phpMyAdmin.
  • Automated daily website backups that are stored for 30 days.
  • SSL certificate installation that remains valid as long as the hosting plan is active.
  • A simple one-click migration tool for easily moving an existing WordPress site to GoDaddy automatically.

Why use GoDaddy for Managed WordPress?

Along with the convenient features that simplify the management of WordPress sites while reducing the hassle of manual updates, there are several other reasons why using GoDaddy for managed WordPress makes sense.

For one, all plans are backed by a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. In addition, load-balanced servers within a clustered environment ensure that your website constantly performs at a high level.

Users also have the option to upgrade to advanced security options with GoDaddy’s Ultimate and WooCommerce Stores plans, ensuring that hosted WordPress sites are well-protected against malware and other online threats.

One-click staging for site testing

With one-click staging, setting up a test environment for a WordPress site is simple. There is no need for complex setup or configuration in order to test updates before pushing live.

With GoDaddy’s Deluxe, Ultimate, and WooCommerce Stores managed WordPress plans, this feature comes included. This allows users to easily test plugins, themes, or PHP updates before making any live changes to their website.

Automated Web Security and SSL

Another key benefit are the included web security features. Each plan comes with a free SSL certificate that is automatically installed during set up. This allows the website to be served over a secure connection. The SSL certificate remains valid for the life of the Managed WordPress subscription.

Since WordPress core updates are handled automatically, this also helps protect users WordPress sites from vulnerabilities in outdated versions of WordPress and plugins.

With GoDaddy’s Ultimate and WooCommerce Stores plans, a malware scanning and removal feature is also included. This feature handles critical website security to better protect users though file integrity checks and monitoring. The user is then notified with an alert if ever a security issue requires attention.

Plan flexibility

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting plans can easily be upgraded as business begins to scale and grow. There are no waiting periods if at any point customers need to make changes to their existing plans. With GoDaddy’s Ultimate and Ecommerce WordPress Hosting plans, users have access to unlimited disk space to handle higher traffic.

Additionally, customers can just as easily downgrade their existing plans if they need or decide to.

In addition to these plans, GoDaddy also offers Pro Managed WordPress Hosting plans for users who need the ability to host 5 or more websites under a single plan.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting features by plan

Here is a comparison of the plan tiers offered by GoDaddy for managed WordPress.

FeaturesBasicDeluxeUltimateManaged WooCommerce Stores
Price$9.99 / month$14.99 / month$16.99 / month$29.99 / month
How to purchaseBuy hereBuy hereBuy hereBuy here
Number of websites1111
Number of website visits per monthUp to 25KUp to 100KUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSL certificate
Disk space30 GB75 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Automatic WordPress software updates
Website backup protection with 1-click restore
Automatic daily malware scans
SEO optimizerX
One-click staging siteX
Unlimited malware removal and hack repairXX
Automatic installation of WooCommerceXXX

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Resources

For more assistance with GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting, visit our Help Center.

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