how to buy and sell domains

Did you know your unused domains could be worth money? Domain investing (also referred to as domaining) is similar to what we already know about investing (buying low and selling high), but instead of investing in something like stocks or mutual funds, it’s domains. It’s possible to buy domains for as little as $0.99/yr.

Domain investing is a great side gig that could potentially provide high revenue stream if done right. A lot of savvy entrepreneurs take up domain investing and eventually end up making a living as domain investors. Domain investing is simple to get started with and Domain Academy is a great resource to help you learn to buy, sell, and invest in domain names so you can become a pro. 

How much money could I make selling domains?

Domain investing is an art, and when done well, it can yield big results. GoDaddy auctions are the perfect example of receiving big gains by putting in the time, energy, and effort to become a successful domain investor. Over the years, GoDaddy has seen some significant domain sales. Some domains that have sold upwards of $100,000 in fact.

Here are resources you need to become a domain investor

  • Domain Broker Service

Helps you negotiate a domain purchase based on your budget.

  • Bulk Domain Transfer

Saves you time and money by transferring up to 500 domains at once.

  • Domain Value Appraisal

Gets you a free expert opinion on the value of your domain.

  • Discount Domain Club

Checks everyday to get you the web’s lowest prices on every domain.

  • Cash Parking

Gets your unused domains to earn cash with relevant pay-per click display ads.

  • Domain Academy

Helps you learn to buy, sell, and invest in domain names like a pro.


Finds key domain data including availability, ownership, and expiration.

  • Auctions

Helps you buy and sell domain on the open market.

  • Domain Backorder

Ensures you’re in line when a domain becomes available.

  • Bulk Domain Search

Searches up to 500 domains at once.

Become a domain investor today

As you begin to develop a portfolio of domains, remember to keep them in on place. Doing so eliminates the hassle of hunting for particular domains and keeping payment methods up-to-date for multiple accounts. Using GoDaddy as your domain search platform for domain investing provides the easier, smarter option for keeping your domains in one place.

If you have any questions, GoDaddy can help! Just call 1-480-624-2500 or chat online.

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