Domain Backorder

Domain Backorder

Give yourself a chance of securing your dream domain name the moment it becomes available.
As low as $20.99 / each*

Domain Backorder Features

Daily Monitoring

Free daily monitoring keeps a constant eye on the status of your domain. This way you'll know where it stands at all times.

Valid Until Successful

That's right. If you are unable to get the domain you wanted, you can simply re-assign your credit to a different name.

Get Started with a Backorder

If the domain name you want is already registered, you may still be able to own it. By backordering, you secure a chance to get the domain when it becomes available.

$20.99 / each*

domain backorder

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Domain Backorder FAQs

A domain backorder is when a reservation of sorts is placed on a domain name that is currently registered to someone else. If that domain ever expires, the person who placed a backorder on the domain will have a chance to register the domain before it becomes available to the public.

Simply purchase the option above. That payment is applied to the domain name of your choice when it expires. If you are the only person who placed a backorder on the domain, then the domain will then become yours at no additional cost.

However, if the domain goes to auction, your initial payment will be used as an opening bid to try and buy the domain name. If you prefer not to bid in the auction, you can move your backorder credit to a different domain name of your choice.

Unfortunately, they are are not guaranteed. However, a backorder ensures that every attempt is made to acquire and register the domain for you.

As part of this service, you will be notified when the domain becomes available. Free daily monitoring tools also allow you to keep updated on the status of the domain name.

After purchasing, you will then be able to monitor the backorder itself and its progress. The status of the domain name is checked daily and you will receive an email notification if there are any changes to the status.

When the domain registration expires, an attempt is made to acquire the domain is made before it becomes available to the public. If successful, and you were the only backorder on the domain, you will then become the new domain registrant. If multiple backorders were placed on the domain name, the domain name will then go into auction to the highest bidder.

During the checkout process, you are prompted to create an account. You can login to this account to view your backorder. Here you will see status updates on the domain as well as the expiration date of the domain.

If unsuccessful, you are able to apply your backorder to a different domain name at no additional cost.

*Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.