made in america

GoDaddy’s award-winning, internet documentary series, “Made in America,” highlights the highs and lows of entrepreneur stories across the United States. Its most recent season, season three, focuses on the dynamic landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. Coincidentally, GoDaddy’s headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona, an aesthetic city close to Phoenix. Season three specifically focuses on the stories of minority owned and run small businesses.

The connection between this season and GoDaddy’s headquarters brings a unique perspective compared to previous seasons as it showcases GoDaddy’s global and philanthropic program, Empower; one that Phoenix hosts quite often.

Empower focuses on providing entrepreneurs with the resources, training, and networking they need in order to thrive in their business, and season three provides an in-depth look into how this program connects with local entrepreneurs and sets them up for success. In this series, we see the well-established relationships GoDaddy has cultivated with business partners and local experts.

At the forefront of this series, are the many powerful entrepreneurial stories based in Phoenix. Arizona provides a unique setting mainly due to its polarized political landscape, and because such a large division of political ideals exists in this state, viewers get to see different perspectives on essential issues that affect opportunities for immigrant, Native and Indigenous entrepreneurs.
“Made in America,” season three specifically highlights the stories of two extraordinary entrepreneurs, Dizzie Ramsey and Cherilyn Yazzie. To see their stories firsthand, check out season three here.    

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