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It goes without saying that before you start creating content for your blog or website, it’s a good idea to first have a content marketing strategy in place.

A content marketing strategy is derived from your overall marketing strategy and is based upon your target audience. That is to say, who you are speaking to with your content.

But just how do you come up with new content for your website or blog? And how do you ensure that the content you’re producing is relevant to your target audience?

Should you just think of a new idea and write whatever comes to mind? You could, but you risk creating content that is not as targeted as it could be for your intended reader.

So let’s look at 5 ways to come up with new content that is aligned with your content marketing strategy.

Time needed: 2 hours

How to come up with new content ideas

  1. Take a Look at Your Competition

    Chances are your business is similar to another one within your local market or city. Because of this, your competitors are likely to have their own websites with a blog. If your competitor is well-known within the market and ranks well on Google, you’ll want to pay especially close attention to their content.

    Visit their websites and see what they are writing about. If they are direct competitors, you’ll likely also have expertise on the content they are writing about.

    Jot down some blog article ideas to see if you could create your own article for your own business website. If you find that one of the blog articles on your competitors website has high activity or engagement on it, it could mean that it’s a topic your readers might also be interested in.why seo is important

  2. Use Google Keyword Planner

    Another helpful exercise when trying to figure out what to write about for your content is to do a little keyword research. Keyword research will tell you how many people on average are looking for words related to your business monthly.

    One of the common and useful tools to do this is Google’s own Keyword Planner. All you need is a Google Ads account, and you’re on your way.

    It’s as simple as typing in words related to your business into the Keyword Planner tool. The tool will then return a list of results showing you the search volume for the terms you entered as well as many other similar words. You can narrow the results down to your county or city level.

    So for instance, if your business is window installation, you might search for the word, “window installation” and set the results to show the search volume for this word within your city. What you’ll then see is list of words related to the search term, “window installation.”

    Look for the words in the list that have several hundred or more searches per month. Jot these words down on a note pad, because each one will be a topic that your can write about for your marketing san antonio

  3. Use a Content Ideas Tool

    In addition to using the Keyword Planner tool in your keyword research, you can also try using a visual keyword research and content ideas tool. These sorts of tools are very helpful because they visually show you many people are searching for phrases or questions related to the term you type in.

    For instance, on the AnswerThePublic website, you can type in any word. After you hit enter, you will be shown a list of questions that people are looking for with that word in the question. The questions that show with a darker shade of green are words that are more highly searched for. Questions that show a dimmer shade of green are searched for less often.

    So your goal here is take note of the questions that show in dark green with the keyword that you initially entered in your search. You can then write one new blog for each of the questions that you notated.seo content writing

  4. Test Keywords Related to Your Target Audience

    Aside from using tools in your keyword research, you can also take a more manual approach to help narrow down your topics for your content marketing strategy.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is to put yourself in the mind of your customer. Then ask yourself, what are my customers searching for online? What questions are they asking? And then search for those things on Google. See what articles show up in search results.

    If it seems like there a good number of other sites discussing that topic, this is an indication that it is a topic of interest. Because of this, it may be something you might consider writing about for your business, too.

    As a note, just because a lot of other companies or competitors are writing about the same topic, doesn’t mean to avoid the topic. It just means that you’ll want to take your own unique approach to writing about the topic. It’s an opportunity to create content with a unique position to the to hire an seo

  5. Research Current Events in Your Industry

    Lastly, take some time to catch up with current events or news related to your industry. Whether your business is industrial, commercial, medial or something entirely different, there is still likely news related to your industry.

    In your search, if you find that there is some prevalent news related to your industry, this may indicate that it is a trending topic. Any time you come across a trending topic, you’ll want to write about it in a timely manner.

    When you write about a topic of interest, particularly about trending news, this helps position your business as an expert authority on the subject matter. And the more you are able to accomplish this, the more effective your content marketing strategy becomes.why digital marketing is important

Create Content for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Maintaining a steady flow of newly produced content is key to any content marketing strategy. Particularly when it comes to your business ranking above your competition with SEO and being positioned as an expert authority.

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