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When starting a new business, one of the first checklist items you’ll undoubtedly need is a website. But just where do you begin? With a number of options to create a website, you may be wondering the best way to go about it. While hiring a web developer is a popular option among entrepreneurs to creating a custom website, it does come with some disadvantages such as longer time to set up and higher cost. As an alternative, you may consider using a website builder tool, such as GoDaddy Website Builder to alleviate these downsides.

“Just what is a website builder?” — you may be wondering. Basically, a website builder is an online publishing tool that allows you to create a website using a template so you don’t need to have one developed. It’s a turn-key solution for many small businesses just starting out who don’t require all the bells and whistles of a custom website. In addition, it’s almost always a much more affordable option than hiring a developer to create your website.

To give more of an idea of it’s benefits, here are 5 advantages to using a website builder tool to create your new website.

1 – Reduced Cost

At the top of list of advantages is lower cost. Compared to hiring an agency or web developer to create your website, there is no comparison in cost. Website builders usually range from a few dollars up to $20 a month or so on the high end. Over the course of a year, the cost is less than a couple hundred dollars. Alternatively, hiring a web developer can generally range from $1,500 to several thousand dollars depending on the experience of the developer and complexity of the website.

2 – Faster to Set Up & Launch

In addition to price advantages, it’s also much faster to create a website using a website builder because there really isn’t any development work involved. Creating a custom website will generally take 2-3 months to complete or more in some cases. With the ease of a website builder tool, you could literally have a website published within just a few hours or less. “Well, how is that even possible?” — you might ask. The answer to that question can be found within our next point.

3 – Industry Templates to Choose From

With a website builder, you simply select a template that relates to your business or industry. Often you have a number of different options to choose from, so you can select a style and design that you really like. After you select a template, you simply add in your content such as text and images in the content areas of the template. Once you’ve done this, you simply hit publish and your website is live. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

4 – Stock Photography to Choose From

In addition to design templates to choose for your website, many website builders also come packaged with a library of stock photography that you can use for your website. If you later decide down the road to use your own photography, you can do that as well. But having a library of photos to use for your website makes it that much faster and simpler to get your site launched in a very short time.

5 – Ease of Drag & Drop Interface

Best of all, there isn’t any coding or technical experience required to use a website builder tool. Website builders are specifically designed for ease. Generally, the tool will leverage a drag and drop interface so you can move elements of your website around easily and to your liking. Think of it as using Microsoft Word to make your website. If you’re familiar with Word, then you’re already ahead of the game.

Want to give it a try? Get started using GoDaddy Website Builder today.

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