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Premium domain names are short, catchy domain names that typically use popular extensions like .com. They can be found on the aftermarket, where people sell domains they’ve already registered, or they’re designated by registries.

Premium domain names tend to sell for higher of a price than most people would expect to pay for a domain. Premium domains are typically sought after by individuals or organizations that are looking for a particular domain name.

Investors also register domains they know will generate interest. They will list them in the aftermarket at auction for a high price.

Here’s why some domain names are premium

  • Premium Domains are names that someone purchased then decided to put up for auction on the aftermarket. You would pay the sellers price then the premium domain is yours to register at its normal yearly fee.
  • Premium Domain Names are a domain that’s most likely going to be a hot commodity in the domain name market (typically a short, catchy name with a popular keyword). GoDaddy’s registry partners will set a price on premium domain name that reflect its popularity.
  • Premium Listings are a white glove service from GoDaddy that helps you price and sell your domain on the aftermarket.

Can anyone invest in premium domains?

Yes, but you’ll typically find investors or persons in business looking for a perfect domain name to fit their organization’s brand. Investors invest in domain names and premium domain names so they can turn a profit from selling them.

Here’s the thing about premium domain names

Premium Domain Name buying and selling can be tricky especially since premium domain names are for particular persons looking to do a specific thing with them such as turn a profit. If you’re new to domain buying and selling or are just looking for one particular domain name, it can get confusing.

GoDaddy has tools to help! GoDaddy’s Business Name Generator can help you get more traction from a standard domain registration so you can buy and sell domain names without interacting with premium domain names.

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