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Protect your website and data with daily automated cloud-based backup. Restore at any time with a single click.

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Website Backup made for assurance and safekeeping of your data.

Purposed for ease of restoration.

Automatic Cloud Backup

Automatically backup your files, folders, and databases to secure cloud storage. Decide when you want backups to happen.

One-Click Restoration

Nobody plans for a disaster. But with one-click restoration, you can recover your data, files, or entire website with a tap of the mouse.

Security Monitoring

Safeguard your information and data with built-in malware scanning and monitoring with all secure cloud backup plans.

Select Your Plan

Website Backup 5 GB


per month*

Backup documents and files.

Website Backup 25 GB


per month*

Backup media files like photos and music.

Website Backup 50 GB


per month*

Backup larger multimedia files and videos.

Website Backup features that put your mind at ease.

Ensure that a copy of your site, database and files are readily available to restore, should you ever need to.

Automated Daily Backups

Website Backup is compatible with all hosting providers and automatically backs up files, folders and databases, every day.

Secure Cloud Storage

By being stored on secure cloud storage, your data is kept safe and protected. Cloud backup also keeps your site safe from server crashes.

Daily Malware Scanning

Protect your site from malware with scanning that catches unwanted intrusions. Daily backups only store malware-free copies.

Security Monitoring

Safeguard your data against hacking attempts and other online threats with security monitoring that secures your database.

Restore in One Click

Easily restore a file, folder, or your entire website, with a single click. Restoring a backup takes almost no effort at all.

Flexible Backup Options

You are in control. Prefer to schedule your backups or do an on-demand backup? You have those options.

Safeguard against data loss with Website Backup.

Accidents happen. From server crashes to data loss and other damage, there is no shortage of unexpected events can make losing information seem like a disaster.

With GoDaddy Website Backup you ensure that you can always recover your data if you need to, securely and safely.

The best part? It’s all automated. No need to manually backup your website and data. Backups to your secure cloud storage take place daily, on their own. If you ever need to restore your site or data, it can all be done with one click of the mouse. What can be simpler?

website backup

Additional tools to keep your site and its visitors safe and secure

Comprehensive cybersecurity is the best way to ensure your website has well-rounded protection.

SSL Certificates

Establish trust with website visitors while protecting sensitive data through encryption.

Website Security Service

Keep your site secure with daily scans that discover emerging threats and eliminate them at the source.


Website Backup is a plan that allows for automatic and easy backup of websites, databases, and files. Cloud-based backups are securely stored and are able to be restored at any time with one-click restoration.

With each plan, you have the option of scheduling when you want a backup to take place. Options include daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also schedule the time you want backups to take place.

It does. All files, folders, and databases are encrypted whenever transferred or stored. Website Backup also performs daily malware scanning and security monitoring under each plan.
Within your account, under the Website Backup dashboard, you simply browse to the site, files, or database backup that you want to restore. Once there, you would click on the “restore” button. And that’s it. The backup would then be safely restored. You can even choose which directory to restore a backup to.

Depending on your server, FTP or SFTP would be used. If your website is hosted with us, the FTP/SFTP connection can be automatically set up for you.

Yes, it does. Website Backup is compatible with the majority of web hosting providers.

MySQL, a well-known database on Linux.

Help available when you need it.

Expert support is available 24/7 to answer your questions at any time.

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Get started with Website Backup today for as little as $2.99/month*

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