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Protecting your website and its visitors helps make the internet a safer and more secure place, one website at a time.

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Cybersecurity products that help protect your website and its visitors.

Securing a website requires a combination of different cybersecurity measures to make it as safe as possible. With an SSL certificate, Website Security Service, and Website Backup, you help ensure that your website is securely safeguarded on the web.

SSL Certificates

Encrypt your website with an SSL certificate to ensure any sensitive data visitors enter on your site is safe and secure.

Website Security Service

An extra layer of security that runs daily scans on your website to detect potential threats and then remove them if detected.

Website & Data Backup

Ensure your website and data are always recoverable with backup copies of your site. It's like having insurance for your site.

Encrypt with SSL Certificates.

Protect your visitors and their information.

When a website is not secure (non-https connection), a web browser will let site visitors know by showing the words, “not secure.” This is concerning to visitors and can lower their trust in your site. An SSL certificate ensures a secure connection and lets people know they can trust your site and that their information is safe. Plus, your site may even receive a slight SEO boost.

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website security service

Safeguard your site with a Website Security Service.

Protect your website and eliminate cybersecurity threats.

Websites all across the Web regularly face cybersecurity attacks from any number of different sources including people and spam bots. With GoDaddy Website Security, your site is scanned daily for malware and other security threats. If threats are discovered, they are neutralized.

Recover and restore anytime with Website & Data Backup.

Keep a copy of your website, just in case.

Give yourself peace of mind with automatic backups. You never really know when, or if you will need to restore your website, but you will be glad you have a backup in case you ever need to. All with the tap of a button.

website backup

Web Security FAQs

Sometimes referred to as “cybersecurity,” web security is the practice and implementation of protecting web based properties and networks by means of prevention and detection. Well fortified web security measures will also help defend, protect against, and even stop threats that are harmful or malicious in nature, creating a safer and more secure online environment.

The World Wide Web is a big place. Huge, in fact. As of today, there are well over 1.5 billion websites on the Web. But that doesn’t mean they are all safe. Some sites are even malicious in nature, meant to compromise the information of people surfing the Web. But, many websites do actually try to protect their visitors by means of encryption and other best practices, establishing trust and credibility. By making your own website safer through web security best practices, you help make the internet just a little bit safer for everyone else.

In short, yes. But a good way of thinking about it is that each serve a different purpose (or puzzle piece, if you will) to complete a well-rounded cybersecurity defense. For example, SSL certificates are meant to encrypt data that is transmitted over your website. This protects your visitors by stopping hackers and other threats from being able to view sensitive information that people may submit on a contact form or on transactions, such as credit card information from an online purchase.

Whereas a Website Security Service is meant to protect your site from malware and other threats. Bots and other spam regularly try to attack all websites. Website Security helps keep the bad guys at bay. Backups help ensure website data is not lost and can be recovered if ever need be.

Yes, they can be added at anytime. But it’s always recommended to secure your website sooner rather than later. The reason is that it’s often more difficult to fix a compromised site after the fact. Using the example of insurance, you want to have it before you need it. Not after the fact.

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