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GoDaddy Website Builder Plans & Pricing

Web security (SSL)
Custom domain connection
On-the-go editing
24/7 support
Guidance and analytics
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social media platforms
Social posts & responses/mo.
Email marketing sends/mo.
One-time appointments
Recurring appointments
One-time group events
Payments for appointments
Email and text appointment reminders
Product listings
Social and marketplace selling
Payment Options
Flexible shipping options
Discount and promotional features



per month*

Create a website and connect it to your domain name.






per month*

Create a website and be discoverable with built-in SEO.




Business +


per month*

Create a website so your customers book can appointments online.




What customers say

Plans and Pricing FAQs

Currently there is no free plan available. However, the lowest cost plan is just a little over $5 per month.

Yes, it is. That’s one of the best things about using GoDaddy Website Builder. There is no need to purchase a separate hosting plan because it all comes bundled with each plan and is included in the overall cost.

The GoDaddy Website Builder Plans and Pricing ranges from $4.99 per month* to $12.99 per month*. Here is the pricing for each available plan:

  • Personal Plan: Ideal for creating a basic website and connecting it to a custom domain.
  • Business Plan: A great solution to create a website and become discoverable with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features.
  • Business + Plan: The best solution to create a website that includes everything other plans offer, plus it comes with more social media integration options, lets your customers book appointments online, and includes ecommerce features.

View GoDaddy Website Builder Features for more details on the differences between each plan.

No need. With each plan, an SSL certificate also comes included and is automatically installed for you when you set up your website, so you don’t have to buy and install your certificate like you do with other website building options. Best of all, there is zero technical expertise required to make your website secure for your visitors.

Absolutely. You can change plans at any time if you decide to. That includes upgrading or downgrading, or even changing products altogether.

Well, yes and no. You can set up your online store without upgrading, but you will need to upgrade to an Ecommerce plan in order to actually sell the products on your site to accept and process payments.

Yes, it sure is. Our expert support is available whenever you need help by calling 480-624-2500.

Help available when you need it.

Expert support is available 24/7 to answer your questions at any time.

Call (480) 624-2500
customer support

*Price excludes applicable taxes and ICANN fees.

View GoDaddy Reseller Agreement for additional terms and conditions.