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Plan features you’re sure to love.

No matter what you need from your website, with GoDaddy Website Builder you can do it all. Book appointments, sell products, build a blog. Whatever is important to you and your business is just a few clicks away from becoming reality.

So, just what are the features you can expect? Glad you asked. Scroll on down and see for yourself.

Manage Everything from One Location

Manage your website, social media, email marketing, or online store all from a single dashboard.

Mobile-friendly Design

No matter what device your site is being viewed from, it will look great with mobile-friendly design built in.

Professionally Designed Templates

With designer made templates, you have a wide selection of professionally created themes to get started with confidence.

Customizable Themes

With each theme, you have over 20 filters that you can choose from to instantly change the style and look of your site.

Web Hosting Included

That's right. No need for a separate hosting plan because it's already included with GoDaddy Website Builder.

Editable from Any Device

Edit your site on-the-go from any device, whether computer, tablet, or phone. Any time, any place.

What customers say

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Build your site.

The time has come to bring your idea to life, and you need a website. But, just where do you start? And how easy is it to create your site? Well, when it comes to creating your new website in a simple and timely fashion, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Drag and Drop Editor

With a simple to use drag-and-drop editor, editing sections of your site is as easy as click, drag, and drop.

Website Backups

Rest assured that your site is regularly backed up automatically and can always be restored in just a few clicks.

Customize Your Theme

Make your website look just the way you want with template customization options. Colors, check. Fonts, check.

Drop-Down Navigation Menus

Want to include a drop-down menu in the navigation of your site for all your pages? No problem.

Contact Forms

Make it easy for your visitors to get in touch with a contact form that is simple to use. Messages are sent right to your inbox.

Password Protected Pages

Have pages that are for your members or registered users only? Private password protected pages are the way to go.

Promotional Banners

Have a sale coming up? Make it known on your site with promo banners that inform your visitors of the details.

Call to Action

Add calls to action on your site that entice visitors to take valuable actions for your business.

Centralized Image Library

Keep all your images in a single library, even if you have several sites with GoDaddy Website Builder.

Marketing anyone?

After creating your website, you’ll need a way to get the word out to drive traffic to your website. That’s where a little website promotion can go a long way. And with GoDaddy Website Builder, you have no shortage of marketing tools to help you get there in record time. Now how’s that sound?

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Search Engine Optimization

With SEO you can improve your rank on popular search engines like Google and Bing to increase your traffic.

Sync with Facebook

With GoDaddy Website Builder, easily link your Facebook business page to your website so it's all synced up.

Email Marketing

Grow your subscriber list and send emails to your customers with email marketing to keep them coming back for more.


Create your Yelp listing and manage it directly from your dashboard.

Instagram Connect

Track your performance and manage your Instagram posts all from within your dashboard.

Create Social Media Posts

With integrated social media features, seamlessly create and post to your social media pages.

Google My Business

Claim your Google My Business listing to show up on Google Search and Maps.

Reviews Widget

Show reviews for your business right on your site from Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Customer Connections

From your dashboard, write personalized messages that you can send right to your customers.

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Website Analytics Features

After setting up your website, you’ll want to know how things are going from time to time. Being able to monitor how much traffic your website is getting and how well it is ranking on search engines are important pieces of information that can help improve your online presence even further.

With GoDaddy Website Builder, you have a toolbox full of monitoring tools to see all of this and more. So, how is that website doing?

Track Your Search Ranking

Keep tabs on how well your site is ranking on Google and get recommendations to improve performance even further.

Track Shipping

Track orders that are made from your online store right from your dashboard.

Facebook Insights

See insights from your company Facebook page such as likes, views, posts and more.

Auto Checkout Reminders

Automatically send reminders to customers who leave items in their cart after leaving your site to complete their purchase.

Plans of Action

Receive continuous suggestions and recommendations on how to further improve your online presence.

GoDaddy InSight™ Score

See how well your online presence compares to other businesses just like yours.

Monitor Comments

Monitor and manage comments that people leave on Facebook and Google all from a single place.

Monitor Email Campaigns

Have an email blast you just sent out to customers? Track just how well it is performing in real-time.

Data-Driven Recommendations

Get recommendations tailored to your industry based on insights from other customers.

Online Appointment Features

If you run a business that takes appointments, you know that time is money. You rely on customers filling your calendar and then showing up for their appointments so that you can provide your service. So, what if you had a way where customers could book their appointments online and pay at the same time? That’d be great, wouldn’t it? Well, look no further because GoDaddy Website Builder is that way.

Here’s what other online appointment features are included.

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Accepts Credit Cards

Process customer payments for online appointments through Stripe or PayPal.

Calendar Syncing

Sync up your business calendar with your website so that your displayed availability is always up to date.

Text and Email Notifications

Receive and send notifications via text or email when a customer books an appointment online.

Client Management System

Effortlessly gather customer information, appointment history, and payment history for future reference.

Staff Members

Set up staff members with GoDaddy Website Builder to help manage appointment schedules.

Class Lists

Have an upcoming class or event? Simply download a list of who has signed up to see who's coming.

Recurring Events and Classes

Easily set up a schedule that you and your customers can refer to at any time for reminders of upcoming dates.

12 Services - Single View

Show up to 12 services that your business offers from a single view. Have more than 12? Wow, you're rockin'.

Appointment Collections

Need to charge a cancellation fee, deposit, or collect a payment? You got it.

wordpress ecommerce online store

Ecommerce Features

When you have products to sell, GoDaddy Website Builder makes it a breeze to do so. Whatever you sell, whether products and services, or digital goods, you can do it all with an online store. So, whether you want to sell on marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, or directly from your site, you have that option with built-in Ecommerce features. The best part is you can manage it all from a single location. Did somebody say cha-ching?

Flexible Payment Options

Accept major credit and debit cards using Stripe or PayPal or other processors including Apple Pay, Google Pay or Venmo.


Sync your online store inventory directly with popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart.

Offer Discounts

Provide customers with promo codes for flash sales and discounts on merchandise.

Adjustable Tax and Shipping Rates

Adjust tax and shipping rates to be perfectly accurate for your geographic area.

Custom Promotional Banners

Inform visitors of sales, discounts, or other promotions with beautiful banner displays that are hard to miss.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Effortlessly remind customers that they have items in their cart if they don't checkout after leaving your site.

Sell from Facebook and Instagram

By syncing your site to Facebook and Instagram, you can seamlessly sell your products with shoppable posts.

In-Store Pickup

If your customers are local, offer them an option to pick up their purchase in-store instead of shipping.

Digital Downloads

Let customers download files from your website such as service and pricing sheets.

Text Notifications

Receive a text message notification anytime a customer makes a purchase from your website.

Product Reviews

Include product reviews on your site showcasing what others think about their experience with a particular product.

Reach Customers on Google

Reach many more customers on Google with built-in marketing features that help get your products out there.

Blog Features

Creating a blog is great way to keep your site up to date with fresh relevant content. It’s also helpful for keeping customers informed about what’s coming up as well as for providing valuable educational information in the form of posts that your visitors may find useful.

Sound like a lot of work to set up? Well, it’s not. Nope. That’s because with GoDaddy Website Builder your blog is ready to go when you are ready to start writing. How convenient is that?

managed dedicated server hosting

Customizable Layouts

Adjust the design and layout of your blog until it looks the just the way you want it to.

Post Categories

Organize your blog articles into categories based on what each article is about for your readers.

Simple Image Editing

Need to crop or adjust an image slightly for your blog post? Do so right from your image library.

Blog Comments

Allow visitors to comment on your blog posts if you choose and engage with readers of your articles.

Link an Existing Blog

Already have a blog elsewhere such as WordPress? Easily link it up with GoDaddy Website Builder.

Email Updates

Send emails to your email list subscribers informing them of new blog posts you've published.

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Additional Features

Whew, that’s a lot of features. But wait, there’s more. That’s right, GoDaddy Website Builder offers even more features for real estate professionals and businesses in the architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement industries.

From Zillow Reviews, to Houzz profile integration, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to the possibilities of growing your business. Ready to get started?

MLS Widget

Integrate IDX on your real estate site with an IDX broker subscription that includes an MLS widget to display listings.

Zillow Reviews

Have some positive Zillow Reviews to share? Display those 5-star reviews right from your site.


Link to your Houzz profile with a social icon that displays nicely for visitors to click on.

Custom Menus & Price Lists

Alter price lists and menus to match your exact needs and inform your customers with up-to-date information.


Integrate Eventbrite and plug event details from your site directly into your emails to subscribers.


When you claim your website, your picture will show next to Pins from your site on Pinterest.

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