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Grow your online presence with paid search.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a great way to drive new business in a hurry. The reason being is with PPC, you are paying to show up higher on Google. This helps get more visitors to your website quickly. Because of this, there is no need to wait months on end for SEO to kick in. No, you simply select your budget, the keywords you want your website to show up for, and go.

If you run or own a local services related business, then Google Local Services Ads can help you reach the right customers in your area.

Another key benefit to PPC advertising is that your ads only show to people who are looking for the exact product or service you offer. So only people who make sense for your business will see your ad, making your marketing highly targeted.

What is included with Branchleaf Digital's PPC Services?

Keyword research

We help determine the best keywords to focus on.

  • We start by learning about your business to determine what keywords are best to bid on.
  • Then, we create ads designed to convert, keeping in mind what your customers are looking for.
  • From start to finish, your PPC campaign is optimized to deliver the most leads within your budget.
  • Conversions are in the research!
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Landing Page Development

Designed to convert visitors into leads.

  • Fully mobile-responsive landing page that informs and generates leads.
  • Built with your brand in mind.
  • With content that is written to entice potential customers to learn more and contact your business.
  • Sit back and watch your leads come in.

Campaign Management

Ad optimization that constantly improves.

With our on-going PPC management services, we are constantly improving your campaign so that it performs better and better over time. With monthly reporting, you will learn what is working well and where opportunities exist so that you PPC efforts are maximized to the fullest.

When it comes to PPC, your success is our success and our goal is to help ensure you receive a return on your investment.

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Why Use Branchleaf Digital Pay Per Click Services?

Digital marketing is in our DNA and paid search is one of our core competencies. We have helped a number of clients with PPC management and have aided in their businesses growth as a result. We have the knowledge and expertise you’d expect from a PPC management company and have a track record of delivering results, time and time again. Your customers are already looking businesses like yours. Will your business show up the next time they are searching? We can help make sure that it does.

Frequently asked questions

Many times, customers want to drive business quickly. PPC offers a way to do that because you are paying to show up in search results. This translates to more traffic and leads at a faster rate than had you not advertised. In other cases, customers use PPC as a way to get traffic to their website while their SEO improves over time. SEO takes time and rank doesn’t improve overnight. So PPC offers a way to get traffic while your organic rank is in the process of improving. In other cases, businesses choose to run PPC ads in addition to investing in SEO because the combined effort is the best way to generate the most leads possible.

When first setting up a Google Ads campaign, you first need to determine what your advertising goal is. For instance, whether to increase traffic or generate leads. Once you’ve done this, you need to determine geographically where you want your ads to show, your daily advertising budget, and the keywords you want your ads to show up for. Afterward, you can create your ads and determine the URL you want to send people who click on the ad to. When someone clicks on your ad, Google charges you for that click. This is where the term pay-per-click comes from.

Google Local Services Ads are a pay-per-lead advertising option offered by Google where you only pay when your business receives a lead. They are different from traditional PPC ads because you don’t pay for clicks. Rather, you only pay for leads. Google Local Services Ads are ideal solution for service related businesses who are trying to attract customers in their local area.

PPC advertising is when you pay to have your website show up in search results. This is commonly referred to as paid search. With SEO, you are optimizing your website so that its rank improves in search results organically (or naturally). With SEO, you cannot pay to rank higher. The only time you can pay to show up in search results is through paid search advertising.

A landing page is a web page that is designed specifically for your advertising campaign. It is the page that visitors are taken to after clicking on an ad. The landing page is designed to provide enough information about your business to entice people to contact your business – usually by means of a contact form. When someone submits a contact form on your landing page, that is considered a new lead.

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