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Call in with your customer number & support PIN for faster help and a tailored experience!

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1 (480) 624-2500 is the GoDaddy Customer Service & Support Phone Number

Call in with your customer number and support PIN and get help with all your sales and support related questions.

General Questions

Get answers to questions such as how to reset your password, how to access and navigate your account, or simply how to get started.

Products & Services

Learn more about the different products and services that GoDaddy offers to see what may be the best option for you.

Technical Support

Get help with more technical issues such as how to set up your hosting or manage your domain name.

When you call GoDaddy customer service at 480-624-2500, here's what to expect

Call 1-480-624-2500, and you will reach the GoDaddy customer service sales & support line. You will first be prompted to select your language of choice for the call, followed by a prompt to enter your customer number and support PIN.

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Afterward, an expert guide from GoDaddy’s award-winning support team will then jump on the line, eager to speak with you and assist with any questions you have.

The guide will first warmly greet you, and then ask how they can help you. At which point, you can get assistance with all of your important questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1-480-624-2500 is the phone number to the GoDaddy customer service sales & support line.

This support phone number has 24/7 hours and is available to call anytime, day or night.

Yes, phone support is available to customers in many countries all over the world. You may find country specific customer support numbers and hours in the GoDaddy global support directory.

First, you will be greeted by an automated response asking you to select your preferred language, followed by a prompt to enter your customer number. Afterward, a member of GoDaddy’s support team will join the call to speak with you. The guide will warmly greet you, followed by asking how he or she can help.

You don’t need a customer number to call in, but it does help. A customer number helps the guide personalize your call and may even help you get faster service.

Your customer number is a several digit number that is given to you when signing up for an account. It is used when calling the sales & support line to help confirm your identity and to help tailor your experience when you call.

Your support PIN is a 4-digit number that you enter when calling customer support, after entering your customer number. It is essentially an extra layer of protection to help confirm that you are the owner, or authorized representative of the account you are calling about.

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While help is available 24/7 when you need it by calling (480) 624-2500, you may also visit our Help Center for additional assistance and resources.