Domain Registration

Easily transfer your domain name with GoDaddy.

Included with GoDaddy’s domain transfer service

  • Domain Forwarding and Masking: Redirect any domain name you own to your website so that entering the domain in a browser leads directly to your site.
  • Domain Locking: Secure your domain against unauthorized transfers and changes to your nameservers, ensuring its ownership remains protected.
  • Total DNS Control: Easily manage your domain’s nameserver (DNS) settings, email configurations, FTP settings, sub-domains, and website location all through a centralized control panel.
  • Change of Registration: Update your domain registration details, including reassigning the domain name (fee may apply) or modifying contact information associated with the domain.
  • Status Alerts: Keep track of your domain’s status with instant notifications about any changes or suspicious activities detected.

Complete these steps with your current domain registrar to complete your transfer

  1. Unlock the domain name.
  2. Obtain an Authorization Code (also known as EPP code or transfer key).
  3. Ensure the administrator’s contact information is accurate.
    • This is crucial because emails related to the transfer process will be sent to the administrator’s email address. (For .au domains, all transfer information is sent to the registrant contact’s email.)
  4. Cancel Protected Registration or Private Registration, if applicable.

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