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SSL certificates that protect visitor data and increase credibility.

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Data Encryption

With strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, you ensure sensitive information visitors enter on your site is safe and secure.

Secure Site Padlock

SSL encrypted sites show a padlock in browsers, letting visitors know your that your site is secure and trusted.

Increase Website Credibility

SSL certificates also increase visitor confidence when visiting your website by assuring them that your site is credible.

Select Your Plan

Standard SSL (1-site)


per year*

Protection for 1 site.

Standard SSL (5-sites)


per year*

Protection for 5 or more sites.

Premium SSL (1-site)


per year*

Protection for 1 site.

Premium SSL (5-site)


per year*

Protection for 5 or more sites.

Why get an SSL Certificate?

Increased Security

SSL certificates automatically makes sites more secure through an HTTPS connection, making the user experience safer overall.

Remove "Not Secure"

Sites without an SSL certificate, or HTTP connection, will show "not secure" in web browsers, making visitors feel less confident.

Increased SEO Rank

That's right. Search engines prefer sites running on an HTTPS connection, granting these sites higher favor in terms of rank.


Having an SSL ensures your site is compliant with privacy regulations and standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Safe Online Transactions

An SSL will also ensure that sensitive data submitted on your site is encrypted such as credit cards, keeping your visitor data safe.

Improved Trust

Of the many benefits, trust is among the highest. Website visitors see this as a sign of trust that you are creating a safe experience.

How do SSL certificates work?

SSL certificates work to keep sensitive information safe when visiting a website.

In doing so, they help keep data like passwords, personal information, and other transaction information protected from from spying eyes such as hackers or man-in-the-middle style of attacks.

The SSL Agreement is first.

When someone browsing the internet visits a website that has an SSL certificate installed, the first thing that happens is that a handshake takes place between the server and client. This agreement establishes a secure connection for the visitor while on the website.

Browser Padlock shows next.

After a secure, encrypted connection has been established, visitors then see a small padlock in the browser address bar. This indicates that the website is in fact, secure to browse. Sites with SSL certificates installed will also show “https” in the address bar. This how you know a website is using SSL.

Then, you're all set.

Once you see the padlock and https in the the browser address bar, you’re ready to go. Visitors can safely login, submit contact forms, and complete transactions safely, knowing that their information is protected.

Need a Wildcard SSL?

Wildcard SSL certificates are useful when you need to protect subdomains of a website as well as the primary domain of your website.

For instance, if your website was, this certficate would provide encryption for as well all subdomains such as or

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Additional tools to keep your site safe and secure

Comprehensive web security is the best way to ensure your website has well-rounded protection.

Website Security

Keep your site secure with daily scans that discover emerging threats and eliminate them at the source.

Website & Data Backup

Take automatic backups of your website and data in the event you ever need to recover and restore it.

SSL Certificates FAQs

SSL is an acronym that stands for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL certificate validates the identity of your website and then adds a layer of encryption to your site. This way, online thieves and other malicious parties are unable to intercept or view sensitive information that a visitor might enter on that website. Non-secure connections, or sites on an HTTP connection, make it easier for spies to intercept this sensitive data.

Adding an SSL certificate to your website comes with a number of different benefits. The most important being that investing in an SSL is taking a step toward protecting your website’s visitors. By doing so, privacy and other user information are protected, keeping your visitors safe and protected as they visit your website.

Another key benefit is is SEO. Sites that have an SSL certificate installed on their website are actually favored by search engines. This tends to give websites a slight boost in SEO and improved ranking.

For Standard SSL certificates (DV), these are fastest. They are usually installed in just a few minutes, but may take up to 24 hours on the long end.

For Premium SSL certificates (EV), these take a little longer. Around 30 days on average. The reason is that extended validation certificates require an application and vetting process to confirm the identify of your business. Though these sites offer visitors the most trust and credibility because they show a green bar in browser address bars.

Depending on whether your website is a personal site, small business site, or large business site will usually answer this question. For most basic websites, the Standard SSL will work for your site. If your website is an online store, or for a larger business/enterprise site, then a Premium SSL is probably going to be the better option.

Depending on whether you need to secure more than one site will determine whether to select the 1-site or 5-site plan. If you need to secure 5 or more sites, the 5-site plan is the better option.

Lastly, if you need an SSL that covers your primary domain as well as all subdomains, a Wildcard SSL is the option to go with.

After purchasing an SSL certificate, you will receive an email letting you know when your certificate is ready.

If you have purchased web hosting, online store, or Website Builder through us, your SSL should be automatically installed.

For additional instructions, see this article on installing SSL certificates.


A Wildcard is a type of SSL certificate that protects primary domains as well as all subdomains of a website. For example, whereas a standard SSL would cover only, a Wildcard SSL would cover, blog.example, and any other subdomains under the primary domain.


All websites with an SSL installed are going to show the padlock and HTTPS prefix in the address bar. However, only websites with a Premium SSL (EV) certificate installed will show the green bar in the address bar. Reasoning? These websites have gone through a more extensive vetting process to confirm the legitimacy of their businesses. This usually entails confirming business information such as the phone number and address of a business.

So while the process does take a little longer, sites with extended validation are often looked at as the most trustworthy and credible. Businesses who choose to purchase a Premium SSL will still have access to a Standard SSL while their website is going through the vetting process.

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