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Community Justice Program: Increasing Donations and Participation for Non-Profit


  • Non Profit / Pro Bono Legal Services


  • As the pro bono project of the San Antonio Bar Association (SABA), the Community Justice Program (CJP) never truly had their own identity or online presence as all of the content related to the organization resided on the main SABA website.

What was done?

  • Built a completely new responsive website in WordPress with to help establish a separate online identity from SABA
  • The new website was created to be professional, easily navigable by visitors and present all of the information relating to the program and their events in one central location


  • The organization now has their own website, with its own identity that it can now direct visitors to on brochures and other printed materials
  • Donations have increased for the Community Justice Program
  • Participation of attorneys donating their time to participate have also increased as a result of the ease to sign up online

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